Confessions of a Bookworm

Sometimes I just can’t wait to get a book finished, just so I can get started on another one with a ‘clean slate’ feeling.

I usually have at least two books on the go at any given time and alternate between them.

When I get a new book, I always smell the pages – weird I know!

Paperbacks are my favourite, they feel softer and more comfy in my hand than a bulky hard back book.

I bought a book recently on Amazon only to realise I already had a copy on my shelf after I’d finished reading the bought copy. To make matters worse, the copy on my shelf had been a free copy I’d received about a year previous – I’d forgotten all about it.

Second hand books are the most comfy of all (paperbacks in particular). The spine is relaxed, page edges have softened and then there’s the element of knowing someone elseΒ  has read ‘your’ book, and in some cases, they’ve left little interesting notes in the margins (preferably in pencil).

Adding a new book to the shelf is deeply satisfying.

Books I haven’t read yet are kept separate, they can’t join ‘the gang’ until they’ve gone through the complete ‘beginning to end’ process.

I’m always on the look out for new books long before I finish the one’s I’m currently reading. I always like to have books on standby – knowing there’s a queue ‘waiting’ adds motivation to get reading.

If I’ve already seen the film, I don’t want to read the book. The point of the book is to get my imagination going and this is ruined once I’ve already got images from a film in my mind.

I have not, and probably will not convert to the kindle. I’m an old fashioned bookworm; half the joy of reading comes from the physical experience of holding the book, admiring the cover, flicking through the pages and seeing the chunk of how much I’ve read so far, before seeing the book sit snuggly on the shelf with all the rest once I’ve read it.

I love collecting bookmarks. Geeky yes, ashamed no.

I like to be alone when I’m reading, no distractions or interruptions.

Somehow, when on holiday, the distractions of others seem to be less of a problem (depending on what I’m reading).

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm. Once you find books you’re into, they can become addictive. Whether it’s escapism you’re after, or just diving into a topic of interest and intrigue.

I don’t travel light. The four+ books I usually have in my luggage might be fractionally responsible for this.

I’m always curious about what people are reading, so don’t be surprised if you see me eyeing up your book cover.

I like to organise my book shelves by spine colours – they just look nicer that way!

I’ve never tried an audio book. Technically they’re not books – more like a film with no visuals.

If I don’t like a book I don’t keep it. It either goes to the charity shop or I leave it at one of the books swap shelves you find in a lot of stations nowadays.

Joining the Goodreads annual book challenge got me even more obsessed with readingΒ  books, in order to meet my target – I’m competing with myself here.

A bookworm who goes more than a week without reading a book is like a healthy human that doesn’t eat any fruit or veg for a week. You feel a lack, a malnourishment.

I always have a notebook and pen handy when reading at home – never know when a thought worthy of note might occur, or perhaps the characters in the book are a bit hard to keep up with until you get deeper into the story – so an odd reminder note might help with who’s who.

I’m very choosy about my books, I spend ages scouring reviews and recommendations before making a precious purchase and I enjoy it, it’s not a chore.

I prefer buying books online, it’s easier to browse – not to mention compare prices. That said, a bargain book stand is hard to resist.

I’m convinced that deep sinking arm chairs were invented with bookworms in mind.

I love having a nosey though hotel libraries, you never know what book gems you might find.

Delayed train, delayed plane – no problem. More reading time.

Watching someone bend a book page instead of using a bookmark gives me the same feeling of hearing a scratch on a chalk board.

A book can take you deep into the mind, heart and imagination of another human being,Β  I think that’s pretty awesome. I’m being permitted to get into and intrude on a snapshot of someone else’s thoughts for a short while – quite a privilege really.

I’d love to have a reading room with all walls covered with book filled shelves from floor to ceiling on all four walls. Books add a cosy feeling to a room as well as making interesting reading material, all the books probably make good sound proofing too!!

I’d love to hear your bookworm confessions below!!!


19 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookworm


    Nodding along with this! I’m also doing the Goodreads challenge πŸ™‚
    Confession 1: I get a book hangover when a brilliant book is finished. I take a day to get over the fact the book is finished and then I put it on my bookcase and move on.
    Confession 2: I’m a hesitant book lender because I love my books and they aren’t always returned (or returned in the condition they left in).
    Confession 3: the bookcase my husband built is my favourite thing in our study. I don’t love furniture very often but I adore the bookcase.

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  2. samuelsonandscott

    I too am a book aficionado. As a child I read so much. Jack London’s Call of the Wild was particularly fascinating. I was right there beside him. I’m starting to read again. Mysteries are a big draw, especially Robert B. Parker novels. The Promised Land was very good -He got the Edgar award (I wonder if that was Edgar Allan Poe) …and I can see why. The classics are the best!

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