Exasperate your wife? What the Heck?

Why the heck would you want to exasperate your wife, and read a book that teaches you how. It the author serious?

‘How to Exasperate Your Wife”

No Way!

That’s the title of the book I saw a man reading on the train a few weeks ago, he knew very well that we could all see that crazy book cover and I think he was enjoying the curious reactions.

As you can well imagine, I was horrified by it and began to wonder what crazy advice was written in this diabolical book.

What kind of sadistic person would seek to aid a man in tormenting his wife.

There was only one thing for it.

I bought it on Amazon that night to inspect the gruesome content myself.

When I unpackaged the book it stared back at me like a proud peacock – brandishing it’s outrageous book cover at me with no shame. Hmmm….

It didn’t take long to read the little mite.

Drum roll please……

I can safely confirm that this book was not full of tips on how to wind your wife up and annoy her to no end – thankfully.

Instead, it is a little book about marriage and the role of husbands from a Christian author’s biblical perspective over several short chapters – clearly the author is pretty smart, using an outrageous title and ‘hard to ignore’ book cover to grab our attention.

Click bait – no. Book bait. yes.

I was reading it on the train and noticed some quite intense reactions form people looking at the cover lol.

One man sitting opposite me leaned as far forward as he could with his head in his hands, staring at the book with a very serious look on his face!! I reckon there was probably at least one more Amazon purchase that night….

This was a classic case of ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ – in fact I’d go as far as to say I was well and truly tricked by it.

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