You Know You Need A Break When….. (10 Tell Tale Signs)🀯

Try saying ’10 tell tale signs’ really fast, ten times!!!! πŸ€ͺ If you can do it perfectly – maybe ‘you’ need a break. 🀣

You might just need a break if you keep losing your keys in the morning and eventually end up finding them in the fridge, or you keep leaving the keys on the outside of the door. No excuse for it.

Diet Coke or Kit Kat?

Having a break doesn’t just mean a quick cuppa and a gaze out the window – nope, a break could be days or weeks off/away from people or places, a sabbatical, a year out, or a permanent reduction in the time you spend on certain things in life.

Sometimes that need for a break really translates into – the need to rethink your life and strike a better balance, or add some pazazz!!Β  (I could probably do with some myselfπŸ˜†)!! …anyway we’re digressing onto another blog post….

You Need a Break: 10 Tell Tale Signs

1. You wake up on Saturday morning and for a split second, you question what day it is as you look at the time (seemingly, you forgot it was the weekend).

2. You’ve only been in the office for an hour and it feels like five hours.

3. It’s been feeling suspiciously like ‘all work and no play’ for longer than you care to mention.

4. Things that don’t normally bother you start to annoy you.

5. You just can’t seem to rev up the concentration levels.

6. You feel tired all the time.

7. You’ve lost your spark, mojo, whatever you want to call it.

8. Instead of typing your usual password into login boxes, you type whatever words are in your head at the time without realising you’re doing it, perhaps from a song you keep singing or whatever it is you’re planning on eating that night…. Password: Pizza

Speaking of pizza…..I tried these vegan pizzas recently and they’re not bad at all. A sprinkle of chilli flakes did just the trick. ‘Im not a vegan by the way, but I do like to keep dairy products as minimal as possible.

9. No matter how busy you are, the time still seems to drag ⏰

10. The work life balance seems to be tipping the wrong way (you might need more than a break – maybe a major life change)

We all have moments where we’re out of steam, lacking a bit of zest or doing silly things that we”d likely scoff at if it was anyone else.

I think our subconscious selves actively let us know we need a break, a boost or a just a bit of fun to balance things out again – so try and take the hint the next time you find yourself pouring fruit juice on your cereal (I think I did this once, a very long time ago). πŸ˜–


Burn Out

Here’s 20 warning signs that you might be heading for a burn out at work!!Β 

If not ourselves, I’m sure we all know someone exhibiting a few tell tale signs, someone we wish would take a break, lighten up, have some fun, and stop allowing the pressures of the world to weigh them down and rob them of life’s little joys. 🀯

The long list of health problems stemming from stress and lack of mental and physical restΒ  – seems endless and ought to be enough to make us put ourselves at the top of the list of priorities, where we belong.

Time for a break then?

Feel free to share some of your ‘need a break’ tell tale signs below!

23 thoughts on “You Know You Need A Break When….. (10 Tell Tale Signs)🀯

      1. Tannika Moore

        Hi Cheryl!!!! You know how many times people tell me to rest or slow down. I’m slowly trying to make adjustments not because I dont want to but because it is hard to break the habit of being turned on and moving about 24-7. Looking at it the way you put it”how much stuff we accumulate emotionally or physically because we dont give time to ourselves …to rest and exhale” is what I needed. I pick up too much. I have been told much of my stress seems to come from other people lbs. But God!!!! I m work in progress. You are so welcome and thank you so much!!!!!πŸ€“

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