Bahai Palace, Royal Beauty in Marrakech

Yes, Bahai Palace is one of the most commonly talked about tourist attractions in Marrakech and it seems like absolutely everyone goes there in droves, but I actually found Bahai Palace to be quite impressive and worth the whistle stop visit.

Everywhere you look there are ornate arches, exquisite ceilings, handsome doors, colourful mosaics, and elaborate ceilings, just lovely!

It’s a fairly new build, completed in the late nineteenth century; if you go with a guide you’ll get plenty of detailed historic information as you’re led around – and less likely to get lost.

For me, this was a stop-off on a full day Marrakech tour, so although we didn’t have to queue to get in, we didn’t get to arrive early and avoid the crowds, which meant it was pretty packed and hard to get photographs without other people being in them.

Other bloggers have done a much better job of capturing it far more beautifully than I have,  in complete peace and quiet, such as Spirited Pursuit.

Door decor, with lots of attention to detail
Beautiful doors all over Bahai Palace
Decorative fireplace
Mosaic floors
Incredible ceilings
Hand painted, but weathering away
A door inside a door!
Palace ceilings

It’s free to enter the palace but as you can imagine, it attracts huge crowds of tourists so try and get there early and avoid peak seasons if you can.

It’s also worth know that royalty is a big deal in Morocco, and so it should be – given that Moroccans have their own king, King Mohammed VI to be precise. King Mohammed VI resides in Morocco’s capital, Rabat.

King Mohamed took the throne in 1999: “Shortly after he took the throne, Mohammed VI addressed his nation via television, promising to take on poverty and corruption, while creating jobs and improving Morocco’s human rights record. Mohammed’s reformist rhetoric was opposed by Islamist conservatives, and some of his reforms angered fundamentalists. In February 2004, he enacted a new family code, or Mudawana, which granted women more power”

You will see photographs of King Mohammed VI in almost ever local shop or souk seller stall you visit, and there was a huge picture of him at the airport as we queued for immigration checks on the way home.

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