The most Popular Beach in Tobago: Pigeon Point

The most popular beach in Tobago is undisputedly Pigeon Point.

This is the place all photographers go to for that iconic Tobago sunset shot, it’s the beach of choice if you’re vacationing on the island and perfect for a lazy day.

Beautifully landscaped

Going to Tobago and not visiting Pigeon Point would be like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eifell Tower.

Bask in those tropical turquoise waters that draw every eye. The beach is small but picturesque with lanky giant palm trees leaning beautifully at an angle, framing the scene.

Pigeon point is an interchange for fishing boats and tourist drop offs from glass bottom boat tours, from sailing trips and the thatched roof jetty on the wide sturdy pier has become something of an island trademark.

Tobago’s Jazz festival and various other events also take place on Pigeon point each year.

Pigeon Point Jetty, trademark of the most popular beach in Tobago

Walk it if you like art!

If you love paintings, arts and crafts, then walk up to Pigeon Point from around the Store Bay area and onwards – it’s not too far from there. The approach is lined with craft sellers and art shops to tempt you as you go!

It’s nice to buy directly from an artist, you make their day and get yourself a nice souvenir while you’re at it! This was one of the sellers on the sea front along the walk up to Pigeon Point,

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