Time for a Cuppa: Read all about it!

The guy in the picture above doesn’t look very comfortable, one false move and he might tear!

Let’s sink into that nice deep soft sofa, feet up and relax while we have another natter about nothing in particular – just crazy clocks, newspapers and a message about germs!!

Tell it like it is: The News

On the way home one evening last week, a woman handing out free newspapers shouted ” last chance to come and get your daily dose of bad news”. I almost turned around to go back and thank her for finally saying what many of us think all the time πŸ˜‰

We repeat this ritual of feeding ourselves with bad news every morning and then do it to ourselves again every evening – making sure we are fully loaded with depressing, anxiety inducing headlines. Sweet dreams 🀨

I very rarely read a newspaper in the morning or in the evening anymore because if it isn’t depressingly bad news, or confirmation that the world is going mad, it’s useless irrelevant information about celebrities or some other brain numbing rubbish about reality TV shows or ‘national teaspoon day’* or some other nonsense.

I’d rather start the day with something uplifting and end in the same way, or something mood enhancing at least – as much as possible.

You’re right, I hear you. We can’t just live our lives in blissful ignorance, we need to have an awareness of what’s happening in the world, and our own communities, but I reckon there needs to be more of a balance.

Photo credit – left: man getting his daily dose of news

I do pick up on the news but I usually pinpoint a time during the week to do it. Sometimes I catch the news headlines if I have the radio on whilst getting ready – and many of us have that ‘special someone’ who always fills our social media feeds with re-shared news articles, every single news article going for that matter – with no opinion of thoughts about it.

Thanks, much appreciated! Mute 😐

….and if you start sending them to my DMs, that’s it – you’re blocked 😠 

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the front pages of all newspapers and news sites were the ‘good news pages’ reserved for positive and uplifting news to boost moods and morale – with a separate online tab for ‘bad news’ πŸ€” and bad news was served for the back pages of the paper.

*Note – there isn’t a national teaspoon day ‘yet’ but you know what I mean – news that’s not really news.

Spotted: Mad Hatters Tea Party Accessory

This was the person in front of me in a queue the other day.

Now this one’s not going to be late for anything and neither will you if you’re anywhere near her. I reckon that bag probably deserves a round of applause for its creativity factor; but I wonder how heavy the thing was….I mean, most women’s handbags are the equivalent of a few bricks without an almighty clock attached.

It also looks like the sort of thing that could do some collateral damage if it came into contact with your head – I don’t think you want to mess with her!! 🀣

Joy and Germs

I attended a workshop at the General Assembly recently and they had this notice in the loo. What a lovely way to put it – joy is certainly a much more welcome thing to spread than germs πŸ€—

They even included deodorants, as well as some pampering hand creams – GA are clearly trying to make an effort to look after us! (Or they’ve had some bad experiences which have forced them to resort to this gesture, hopefully it’s the latter and they just want to help spread joy).

Another interesting thing about the building is the replica tube carriage in the front entrance. The receptionist told me that people are forever walking into the building mistakenly thinking it’s a tube station entrance, ready with their Oyster cards πŸ˜† fortunately, the station happens to be just next door.


When your delivery packaging cheers you up before you even open it! πŸ˜† Maybe Amazon ought to add a bit of personality to their packaging – motivational quotes perhaps…..🧐

Drink Up

We’ll leave it there for today – don’t want your tea going cold, mine’s a pomegranate tea that I bough back from that Turkey trip ages ago, there’s a whole set to get through β˜•οΈ but it’s a DIY job for each cup since you have to add the leaves to your own empty teabags – so best enjoyed when I’m not in hurry, like today!

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    1. Cherryl

      Thanks for taking a look – lol, it’s the first time I’ve bought tea like this and didn’t realise until I got them home, they’re very rich/strong flavoured so you don’t need many leaves for each cup β˜•οΈ 😊 I’m guessing this type of tea probably hasn’t been processed and manufactured as much as the bog standard bags. I think I know the thing you’re talking about and I can’t remember what it’s called either lol – I’ll have to Google πŸ€—

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