Misty Mountains of Snowdonia

Even if you’re not going for a hike, the misty mountains of Snowdonia will certainly take you mind for a walk – away from the stresses of the day to day rigmarole.

Snowdonia in North Wales is a very popular national park in the UK, with its mountainous, scenic views, pretty woods, waterfalls and the region is very popular for walks and hikes.

I took these photographs on a rather rainy day and remember buying a really nice brolly which I lost – (well left) at an event venue recently and never managed to get it back.

I’m glad it was a rainy day, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen some of Snowdonia’s beautiful misty views.

Not sure I’d want to live in this lonely house – might get a bit scary at night!!

Driving through some of the narrow elevated mountain roads was pretty intimidating – to the left and right of the vehicle we saw what looked like tall looming dark monsters. We felt tiny, tightly sandwiched between these huge, steep angry looking mountains.

Scary and beautiful at the same time, very intense.

It was difficult to get any photographs due to the rain and the mist – but I’ll never forget it.

Each time I’ve visited Wales, I’ve come away with a mix of sights, from incredible castles, patchwork green pastures, to lakes and waterfalls.

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