Marsaxlokk Sunday Market and the Secret Beach!!

Marsaxlokk Sunday Market

Gridlock at Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk Sunday market is crazy compared to a weekday. The difference will shock you, and I went during low season!!

I couldn’t believe how many market stalls managed to cram themselves together to make the long narrow stretch.

Market day is like the outrageous alter ego of the quiet, unassuming Marsaxlokk, and yes, it really is a tourist trap.

Don’t just visit this market on a Sunday and then tick it off your list.

You really should try and visit on a quiet day too, so you can see the difference, and get some crowd free photographs.

Fabulous Marsaxlokk boats

What’s for Sale?

Everything from doormats, nougat, liquors, underwear, trainers, ‘designer’ bags, toys, souvenirs, umbrellas, fruit and vegetables, tea towels, embroidery, lace, all sorts.

You can also buy fresh fish and seafood – Marsaxlokk is Malta’s largest fishing village after all and accounts for 70% of Malta’s fishing produce.

The only thing I bought was some locally produced Maltese honey and some beeswax moisturiser directly from the beekeepers, they had a stall set up.

The word Marsaxlokk has arabic origins and means ‘port’

On a non-market day the bay is lined with restaurants that set themselves up outdoors so you can eat , drink and enjoy the views. Its peaceful with plenty of space, and you can also appreciate the beautiful buildings behind the market.

You’ll also come across a few people selling boat trips, certainly on market day.

Beautifully vibrant boats

Marsaxlokk is famed for it’s colourful boats bobbing away on the water

On Sunday, freshly caught fish is sold at Marsaxlokk

If you love colour, you’ll love Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk Beach!!!

Nobody tells you there’s a beach. An actual beach, with sand.

Its a small, quiet little bit of beach, nothing drool worthy but it’s still a beach all the same, a mini beach.

Just saying, it’s a bit rocky in places, but a nice contrast to the rest of the bay with more views of the boats.

Walk as far left as you can  (toward the tourist office where it seems like you’re coming to the end of everything) and keeping going, you’ll see a small road continuing round a blind corner – follow it. 

It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s just a refreshing sight when you’ve been spending most of your time on hard land, traipsing cities and fortresses. 

Getting there

Marsaxlokk sits in the south of mainland Malta. The no.85 bus from Valletta bus station will take you there and back in just under an hour each way, depending on traffic. I’d recommend heading there early in the morning to get there while it’s nice and quiet. 

Hop on Hop Off buses also stop at Marsaxlokk.

Get there early on market day too, before it gets overcrowded, it will be manic, swarming with people.

Tourists aren’t the only thing you’ll be up against either, this market is used by locals who come out to get fresh fish and other bits so you can imagine the congestion. 

Organised excursions will also take you to Marsaxlokk and back to your hotel on market day, some include a boat journey combined with some other stop off.

I’d recommend you go independently, not only is it heaps cheaper (just jump on a bus), but you really don’t want to be restrained by a strict time limit – it’s nice to be free and explore at your leisure without any pressure.

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