Shopping in Malta: Shopperholics Take Note

Shopping in Malta, it’s small so it’s simple

Long story short, I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to shopping in Malta, Sliema is the shopping mecca on this small and mighty island.

Indiscriminate shopperholics probably won’t be bored in Malta – especially Sliema and Valletta, but if you’re selective about your shopping fix, then a lot will depend on what you’re into.


There are plenty of shops in Valletta, you’ll find the likes of Superdry, Hilfiger, Accessorize etc… recognisable brands, but not as many shops as you get in Sliema.

Not that this matters, since your attention is likely to be fixed firmly on the beautiful buildings, harbour views and insta-worth steep narrow streets that Valletta is famous for.


A few things struck me as a bit pricey – tourist prices I reckon!

A bottle of nail polish remover – not much bigger than a Dove roll on deodorant , and much thinner too – comes in at just over one Euro.

Go find a big supermarket and buy as much of what you need from it for your stay – as possible. Avoid smaller shops and hotel shops unless you’re feeling liberal with your money.

The Point Shopping Mall, Sliema

You’ll feel right at home if you love high street brands and a few designer labels thrown in for good measure – hardcore shoppers can easily spend a whole day in here in Malta’s largest shopping mall – perfect for a rainy day!

From ThePoint, there’s also a platform where you can get some brilliant views of Valletta, especially at night when it’s all lit up.

The Point Supermarket

It’s a proper supermarket on the bottom floor of The Point shopping mall, and you’ll find pretty much everything you need in there at a more reasonable price than the more touristy shops – which is usually true wherever you go on holiday really!

Heads Up: you have to weigh your own fruit and veg before taking it to the tills  – the check out staff don’t get paid to do that!

….and another thing – there are no self-serve tills, just humans on tills – the old fashioned way, which you may or may not be pleased to hear.

Sliema Town Centre

Not sure if they call it a town centre, but that’s what it felt like – it’s cute and easy to get around quite quickly, plotted along some steep streets. It starts across the road from the Ferry Terminal.

You’ll find everything from Holland & Barratt to Topshop TopMan, WHSmith and NEXT.

Some of you will feel like you never left home.

Bay Street, St Julian’s

There’s a small shopping mall here and a few surrounding shops – be nowhere near as many shops as you get at The Point.


Buggiba isn’t really known for it’s retail therapy appeal, but some say you get things cheaper there than Sliema, St Julian’s and Valletta because it’s much further out.

One local/UK expat advised this for souvenirs in particular “don’t buy them in Sliema, you’ll pay a lot more” she said.

Marsaxlokk Sunday Market

There’ll be a few stalls on weekdays too but Sunday is the mega market day.

Without a doubt, there are some bargains to be had on the 1 Euro stall – depending on what you’re looking for.


Ever faithful
Prickly pear – better known for it’s expensive oil


The bag that looks like a cake!
The boots that made me think – Flash Gordon!!
Great name – does what it says on the tin, better than calling it an ‘off licence’

If that’s not enough there are local markets dotted around Malta if you fancy chasing them down.

These are just a few observations from a fortnight in Malta – hopefully it proves helpful to any first-timers.


Another tip – if you’re withdrawing cash stick to the ATM’s linked to a bank, like BOV (Bank of Valletta) – apparently the others will charge you a painful fee.

I didn’t need to do this – in fact I proudly returned home with some Euros in my pocket – 40 Euros.

Those Euros are still in my pocket because when I asked what the exchange rate was (following the UK elections) things had changed considerably, I was offered a measly Β£18, which I politely declined.

I’ll save them for a future Euro friendly trip!!

Note to self: It’s a great time to buy some Euros.

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