The Blue Grotto From Above, Malta

Malta’s Blue Grotto

Over 100,000 people flock to The Blue Grotto on Malta’s south westerly point each year, mainly by boat, exploring the caves and arches beneath – and as soon as you clap eyes on it you can see why.

Land views of the Blue Grotto require few words, its a peaceful place where all you’re required to do is quietly appreciate the views and beauty of the landscape.

Bright blue Mediterranean waters stretch out onto a vast and beckoning horizon toward the continent of Africa.

The landscape is characteristically rocky, in a way that seems a bit volcanic.

The Blue Grotto featured in the film Troy

Three brave souls jumped excitedly off the cliffs in this picture, straight down into the icy cold sea.

The rest of us knew better, shivering at the sight of them in the water.


Visit toward the end of the day to catch the sunsets, they’re probably pretty spectacular in the summer.

Before visiting properly I’d driven past these scenes and stared at some candy pink skies that made the whole area seem quite dreamy.

Blue Grotto on land is a perfect next stop after an afternoon at Marsaxlokk, and easily done via the hop on hop off bus.

Regular buses stop there too, route 201 seemed to be the main one.

It’s steep, and the main road is pretty busy, winding and narrow, showcasing sea views as the bus winds down the cliffs, enticing you to stop and take a look around – and let all your worldly cares drift into the horizon, for a little while at least!

I’m reminded once again that no matter where you are in the world, there is always beauty to be found, and none is better than any other, just unique to the time and place.

I felt very fortunate to be standing there, soaking it all up.

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