India Hotels: A Ranthambore Hotel and a Jaipur Hotel

Following on from the Delhi and Agra hotel snapshots, here’s a quick look at the final two India hotels….

Again, I won’t give you chapter and verse hotel reviews – I have no complaints worthy of a blog rant really – I enjoyed each of my hotel stays and I slept like a baby throughout.

Most of the hotels had airport style bag and luggage scanners outside the entrance, and separate scanners for people to walk through, and then a curtained cubicle for females to go into, to be body scanned by a female member of staff – this had to be done every time you left and re-entered the hotels. This was also the case at some of the monuments we visited before being able to enter.

Security was tight Β – which was reassuring ⛔️

The Lalit Jaipur Hotel #PureLove

The Lalit felt very modern, fabulous first impressions – very glamorous lobby

Spacious rooms overlooking the pool and entertainment area below

Lovely food – great room service, very polite and professional staff Β πŸ˜‹

A bit of an oriental feel to it…

Their website proudly declares “Our message to the world is #PureLove and we celebrate and embrace diversity”

The Lalit Jaipur Hotel India DSCN9694


Hotel Ranthambore Regency

The Regency is very much a ‘tiger themed’ hotel, with an impressive gallery of framed tiger photographs.

Lush green tropical gardens 🌴

Perfectly located for Ranthambore safari trips.

No lifts, rooms are on the ground and first floor.

I cringed watching the staff carry my suitcase up the stairs – goodness knows what long term damage it did to their backs and arms – I doubt even the tip they got was worth the strain πŸ™Š

10 thoughts on “India Hotels: A Ranthambore Hotel and a Jaipur Hotel

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  2. travelrat

    Loved the Ranthambore Regency … especially when we’d declined the trip to the Fort, to see the monkeys, and just spent the morning relaxing in the garden. Lorraine broke her watch-strap while we were in the souvenir shop, and the man kindly offered to take it into the village to be fixed, while we were on the tiger hunt. And, he refursed any payment beyond the price of the new strap!

    At Jaipur, we stayed at the Shahpura Hotel. Truly, a palace … or maybe what they’d have us believe a palace looked like in days gone by!

    1. Cherryl

      Ahh, you stayed here too πŸ€—…it’s a lovely hotel, very peaceful and relaxing compared to the more city based locations.

      How kind of the shop worker to go out of his way to help like that – and refuse additional tips – wow, that’s a rare thing lol (thank goodness there are still some kind people in the world πŸ˜‰)

      Just had a quick Google of the Shahpura hotels – they look very royal indeed, wow!! All these memories are very special πŸ˜ŠπŸ”†

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