Dear Jamaica

Dear Jamaica

I hope you’re well, and everything’s irie.

It’s been a few years since we last met, that year when you had me round at yours for Christmas and New Year – we had such a great time!

I don’t know how you managed to get santa to come over on a speed boat but you did it!!

Your beaches were lovely, and you kept me nice and warm throughout my usual cold and dark December/January days.

Your reggae sound systems pumping through my veins were a welcome change to the usual winter shivers.

Your sunsets were a work of art and your jerk chicken was worth the long queues.

I miss your sunny, lively, friendly energy.

There was no end to the number of times I heard the same Bob Marley songs  – I figured that was just a ‘touristy thing’, since you have far more reggae legends in your collection than just this one – albeit a great one!

It’s been a while Jamaica, but I still think of you.

All the best as you and the rest of your Caribbean neighbours open up again to tourists this summer, may it be a fresh and positive re-start.

The scroll below is one of my Jamaican holiday souvenirs, it hangs on the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards, reminding me often, that there are lots of special ingredients required for a happy home recipe – I guess if any of them are missing it might not taste quite right……

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    1. Cherryl

      Hello 🤗 All’s well thankfully. Yes, even when things are ‘normal’ lol. Right now though I wouldn’t be tempted for obvious reasons, I’m happy to wait!! Brighton beach – even in August on a hot Bank Holiday I remember the sea being cold – and people were in there swimming – I’ll never understand it 🤔 #shivers I hope you keep staying safe – Mexico hasn’t been having it easy recently, lets pray things improve soon. You’ve probably seen pics of UK beaches crammed with people like sardines in a tin over recent days – what can I say 😐

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