Hate Going on Holiday? Or is it a Love Hate Relationship?

Some people hate going on holiday. Until recently I don’t think I’d ever really heard many people say they felt like this. 😎

Understandably, there’s been a lot of recent venting online about cancelled holidays or the ‘need’ to get away and speculation around flights and hotels reopening around the world.

In some ways, holidays and travel have become more popular social media talking points than usual.

Not surprising really.

What did surprise me, was the scatterings of strong anti-holiday and anti-travel sentiments I stumbled across, here and there!

Holidays and travel – a love hate relationship?

I get it, a lot of people enjoy their holidays once they’re on them, but could do without some of the effort required to make it happen and actually get there.

Maybe you’re one of those people who just seems to have unlucky experiences each time you try to have a pleasant holiday and have now decided holidays are just not for you…. πŸ™„

Maybe you just don’t like too much change to your daily life….or some other reason why you can’t stand the thought of going on a long trip.

Do you hate going on holiday?

I think most of us have encountered someone who moans their way through a holiday – constantly comparing everything to ‘home’, nothing is ever quite good enough and its as if they got off the plane/out the car expecting everything to be just like what they left behind, regardless of what country/culture town or city they just landed in. πŸ˜•

Recently, I’ve come across quite a few comments (mainly on Twitter), saying how much some people actually β€˜hate’ going on holiday, and one or two people I know personally have echoed the same thing, they hate:

  • Having to plan the holiday
  • Having to book the holiday
  • Having to organise things around the holiday
  • Having to pack for the holiday
  • Having to get to their holiday destination
  • Going somewhere new where they don’t know anyone

That’s a lot of holiday hate!!

Are you a holiday hater?

Holiday Lovers

Personally, I can’t imagine ever feeling like a holiday hater, my curiosity is too rampant for that and I relish in the beginning to end stages. That welcome feeling of ‘escape’, and warm weather will never cease.

Hands up – guilty as charged – I absolutely love the planning, researching, comparing options and weighing it all up, reading reviews, guide books, you name it, I love it…..and no, I’m not a travel agent (perhaps I should have been).

I love all that ‘before stuff’ just as much as my time at the destination itselfΒ – I must be a holiday geek!! πŸ”†

Breaking Point

That said, I do have a bit of a love hate relationship with packing.

Packing isn’t the problem, I love that, but hate the luggage allowances, we’re in a constant state of conflict, but somehow we always seem to pull it off, even if painfully! I guess the love of travel conquers all!!

I get that ‘Christmas Eve’ feeling when I’m packing – it’s that last exciting stage before the big event – bringing it to life ( I can just imagine some of the eye rolls and looks of disgust from some readers right now lol) πŸ˜†

I’d say the only bit I don’t really enjoy is unpacking my suitcase when I get back because its a sad and undeniable reminder that it’s all well and truly over – I’m literally removing some of the strongest vital evidence from the ‘holiday scene’ – so to speak.

So where do you stand?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below. Are you team love or team hate…or somewhere in between?

I guess there’s no right or wrong answers, it’s completely down to personal preferences and how ‘you’ feel – no matter how unconventional that might be, that’s what makes it such an interesting topic. πŸ€”

65 thoughts on “Hate Going on Holiday? Or is it a Love Hate Relationship?

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  2. Maria Messruther

    #lovetravel love exploring new places and culture, eating out at traditional places trying new foods and seeing the sights. We are saving for the ultimate trip to Canada to zipline over the Niagra falls and visit ontario we are saving so we can fly to another city so we can see a little more of the huge country. The best thing about being away on holiday is coming home to what you know and the people you love, sharing your photos and experiences comparing it to other places youve been etc.

  3. claire woods

    I think I’m somewhere inbetween. I hate not going on holiday at least once a year. I feel excited to go on holiday. I hate the travelling. I hate when we get there and trying to find places to eat not knowing the area and being vegetarians. There is something to be said for going back to the same places each year but I do also like to go somewhere new. #hatetravel

  4. Carolyn Page

    So much to do; so much to see; so many countries to wander through and enjoy!
    Yes, Cherryl, I’m a lover of travel.
    Only one little downside for me living in Australia is the actual travel time it takes for the majority of my holidays. My life in Australia is absolutely wonderful (wouldn’t have it any other way), however, it is always such a long plane journey to the Northern Hemisphere to my usual holiday destinations! Having said that, it’s only a slight hitch in the scheme of things. The journey is always worth the effort.

      1. Carolyn Page

        Yes, indeed, Cherryl. That is precisely what we do and why we do it.
        I’ve often thought how wonderful it would be to be living, for instance, in Great Britain. The idea of being able to get away for a weekend trip to so many countries within such a short distance would be heaven, so to speak!
        As it is, though, living in Oz has so many wonders in and of itself, I console myself with the comforts and enjoyment I have here at home.
        I do, though, revel in my ‘long’ overseas holidays when they present.

  5. equinoxio21

    Where do I stand? Well, I think it is clear that I am a traveller. Whether on holiday, on business, or on “exploration” (long summer vacations of my distant youth).
    Having said that, I hate luggage restrictions. I hate airports. (Except Changi airport in Singapore, but it is a bit out of the way). And I hate modern planes. Having said that, I stick to my word. I am a traveller. (You too, right?)
    PS. I tried to sneak ‘crikey’ in this comment. No dice. But I will. Eventually. πŸ™πŸ»

    1. Cherryl

      Yes I think so πŸ”† Getting there can be stressful/tiring, the arrival is always a much anticipated relief, where all the ‘good stuff’ begins….but at the same time – the journey is full of anticipation and excitement at the unknown which can also be really enjoyable.

      Yes I guess looking back on journeys made and being glad you made them is quite satisfying – even if perhaps they were far from satisfying at the time ✈️🚊πŸ›₯

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