A Tuk-Tuk for Two by Adam Fletcher, Holidays With Strangers!!

A Tuk-Tuk for Two by Adam Fletcher – Don’t Worry, It’s Not A Guide Book

First of all – I never knew Tuk-Tuk racing was a thing – but it is – it goes on.

I promise, A Tuk-Tuk for Two by Adam Fletcher won’t take up any of your precious time telling you all about hotels and hostels to stay in, the best time of year to fly to India or any recommended places to eat in Kerala.

Neither will it shower you with any of those ‘wonderful listicals of ‘top 5 this’ and 10 amazing that. Nope.

Instead, Adam takes us along on his no frills trip to Kerala with a complete stranger, no holds barred – the good, the bad and the ugly, no matter how squirmy.

Arm Chair Travel

Here’s one for the worldly curious and wanderlust starved, the inwardly adventurous and those who like a bit of travel themed entertainment, all true to life, so all the more interesting.

Pop the kettle on. ✈️

Adam agrees to fly off to India with a woman he’s known for only a few hours after meeting her in a bar, like you do – she needs a partner for a Tuk-Tuk race in Kerala at ridiculously short notice (two days time).

Meanwhile Adam needs potential travel material for the book he’s writing – not to mention a potentially new and welcome relationship status….maybe.

High on the spontaneous ricktar scale this one!

Move over ‘Race for Life’

It’s witty, humorous and quite a quirky read once you get going.

You’ll feel like you’re in the Tuk-Tuk with them the whole time

Having visited India earlier this year and witnessing some of the road and traffic shenanigans first hand, I was quite keen to sit back and enjoy this show!!

“In theory there are two sides of the road, but people here don’t respect that”

Car driving is considered a challenge in India at the best of times, let alone driving a wobbly light weight temperamental tuk-tuk…I remember a local saying his wife was terrified to drive in India and resigned herself to taking Ubers everywhere instead.

“No matter who you crash into, smile and all will be forgiven”

Never Judge a book by its cover 🚨

I couldn’t have judged it more.

The colourful cover, and catchy title led to a firm conclusion that this one had to go straight in the basket – it really grabbed my attention – which rarely happens!

Tuk-Tuk for Two sounded like fun, a real life tale from a traveller who didn’t seem to take himself too seriously, all of which turned out to be absolutely right.

The last book I judged 99% by the cover (The Amazing Story of the Man who Cycled from India to Europe for Love) also turned out to be very India centred – and a brilliant read.

Funny coincidence!

Other non tuk-tuk related stuff

Random traveller snapshots here and there also appealed to the nosey tourist in me….like the scams.

I’d not heard about the ‘money tree’ scam – but really, do people actually fall for that, surely not??

Yay or Nay?

Totally Yay for this one, a nice serving of light hearted easy to read, travel writing indulgence.

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    1. Cherryl

      You considered doing this – that’s very adventurous!! Would that have been in India?

      The one I linked in the blog does seem quite pricey but I think it includes quite a varied itinerary and sight seeing things as well as the race and all your accommodation – it’s a lot. 🤗

      Yeah – there are different terms for it…I like Tuk-Tuk as it does what it says on the tin – tuks you in and under 😄

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