From A Hotel Room Window

From a hotel room window: one morning

Across from my room stood a snazzy looking office block, the windows were all fashionably floor to ceiling, revealing everything inside. πŸŒ†

On the third floor, eight people sat on bar stools around a glossy white desk, two of them suited and booted, conducting the meeting….they looked like they were sat in a minimalist sushi restaurant, but they weren’t.

The top floor looked untouched, desks and chairs still covered in plastic wrapping – must have been a new office block or recently refurbished.Β 

Below me, was the roof garden of a Thai restaurant, cushioned seats still damp and soggy from last nights rain. πŸ₯˜ 🌧

Passers by came and went, they seemed unfamiliar with the area, looking back, pointing left and right, some of them had backpacks.

The man with the turban knew exactly where he was going though, smartly dressed in a black shirt and black tie, walking with purpose.

Meanwhile the gym couple were dressed for a work out, marching off, out of sight while a homeless man rested his carrier bags against the corner wall of a supermarket, beneath the glossy office block.Β 

The homeless man’s lips were moving, he’s talking to himself.

Then his friend appeared from the supermarket with a bottle of something, a glass bottle with a bright red top – he stuffed the bottle inside one of his carrier bags and together they scooped up the other bags and hurried across the road, with a purposeful pace. πŸ₯ƒ

Nothing sensational to see here, just random people going about their morning, like billions of others around the world!!

From another hotel room window….

On another day in another place, joggers were doing their stretches as the sun rose, getting ready for a beach run πŸ‘Ÿ 🏝 πŸŒ…

The heavy cool morning mist sat over mountains in the distance, silence all around, before the tropical heat began to rise.

…..and one night from a hotel room balcony

The tourists who’d had too much to drink were waking up the entire resort along with the couples on their way back from the bar having a ‘domestic’ (this usually occurs after the bars close).

Time to watch the passing boats in the night far out on the ocean, all that sort of thing – nothing outrageous springs to mind!!

I guess when you’re thoroughly ‘in the moment’ you remember things that might otherwise seem insignificant – like the deep sense of peace you felt as you watched the moon reflect on the ocean, or the just how much better your drinks taste when you’re on holiday! 🍹 πŸ₯€ 🍻

What have you witnessed from a hotel room window or balcony that has stayed in your thoughts….that you’ve never forgotten, outrageous or not?

Please do tell.

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  2. Ellie-M

    Great post. I was staying in a hotel in Vietnam. It was courtyard style, with the pool on the ground floor. I was sat outside enjoying the sun and tranquility when the man in the room across the pool from me came outside and was talking on his phone. Except he wasn’t talking, he was shouting! And because of the layout of the hotel, there was an echo so loud! This went on for 30 minutes before I went inside, couldn’t take it anymore!

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