Time for a Quick Cuppa? Pop the Kettle on.

A quick cuppa and some idle chatter?

Mine’s a camomile, I’m not sure if it really does relax you or whether it’s a psychological thing that you feel more relaxed when you drink it…because you expect it to relax you πŸ€”


If anyone ever reads London’s Time Out Magazine, you’ll know they always have a funny column of quotes that have been overheard, some of them are hilarious, others a bit puzzling or simply disturbing. In the same vein, I overheard the following last week whilst out and about:

“I used to eat bananas, my friend has one big banana a day. I just can’t eat bananas anyomre, they give me indigestion”

(This was one elderly lady talking to another elderly lady in a shop, bless ’em. Never knew bananas could affect people in this way!)


Person 1: Did you hear how they’re talking about introducing four more bank holidays in the UK?

Person 2: Oh no, that’s bad news for me, I’ll have even less annual leave, cos’ I have to take all the bank holidays out of my annual leave. (Is that even legal, under employment law??) πŸ€”

“I’m getting ready for Christmas now” Woman talking about Christmas outfit shopping in August. It’s never too early!!

In fact, last week (Sept) a colleague told me their team were discussing plans for booking somewhere for their Christmas lunch.


Random. I should have taken a picture when I happened to notice four pairs of shoes left outside a Nandos in Edgware the other day. Four pairs. Now did someone mistake Nandos for a charity shop, perhaps.


Yet more candles (I might have a slight problem).


The old toaster.

Got a new one. The old one suddenly kept deciding the toast was ready after 3 seconds of toasting and refused to stay down for any longer. Toaster defiance! Unacceptable.

A quick cuppa sometimes needs a nice slice of toast – I discovered some really lovely super thick sliced wholemeal seeded bread in Lidl the other day ‘Rowan Hill Bakery’ πŸ‘Œ

Amused by

The man doing his stretches, rather theatrically on a tube station platform – he kept looking around and watching everyone whilst in motion, to make sure everyone was paying attention no doubt. Looked like he was getting ready for a Marathon or something.

Then there was the woman walking down to the shops the other day in her dressing gown, pyjamas and singing beautifully to herself (not a song I recognised). The epitome of being immersed in her own bliss, and completely uncaring of anyone else’s reaction to it.

and no, I am not planning to go out in my night clothes or suggesting anyone else do so, but I did admire her spirit! I hope she’s well. I’ve seen her doing this a couple of times now.

Subjected to…

I’m on a train, a man gets on and sits opposite me – nothing out of the ordinary. However….he has quite a generous belly and it is literally bursting out of his shirt like a beach ball (no exaggeration) – I’ll ere on the side of ‘his shirt was too small’.Β  The thing that made this a thing to talk about was the fact that his belly button was literally staring at me like an all seeing eye, glaring at me through the biggest gap in his shirt buttons. Poor guy, I’m sure he must be aware…I hope he gets a few bigger shirts soon. Or maybe that was his favourite shirt and he just refused to give it up…who knows!



2021 has given us some of the strangest weather patterns – all that rain earlier in the year. It’s been a fairly cold August and a hit and miss September (in the UK at least) πŸ€” Wonder what sort of winter we’ll have πŸ₯Ά

Maybe there’s time for another quick cuppa…if so, enjoy, and have a good week ahead! β˜•οΈ

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