Turkish Lunch: Vegetarians Look Away Now!

Looking for somewhere for lunch, a Turkish lunch?

Well if you’re in London you might stumble across one of the popular Gökyüzü Turkish restaurants.

Meat eaters, if you haven’t tried this place, you might want to give it a go because as you will see – they absolutely pile on the meat, that lovely chargrilled type of meat.

The shared platters are like a meat mountain (in fact I think that’s what they should call it – The Meat Mountain), along with a valley of bread (a basket with a generous amount of flat bread is served as standard) and you’ll be hard pressed not to request containers to take 90% of your food home with you once you’re full.

It’s one of those situations where you feel full before you even start to eat. 

Of course there are also things on the menu that don’t include mountains of meat, but on the whole, meat dishes are they main options. 

They also do take aways to some areas.

Happy lunching!! 😋

Even if it’s not a Turkish lunch.





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