Quirky Corner: Antique or just Unique!

This could become a bit of a blog theme, the ‘Quirky Corner’ whenever I come across anything I think fits the bill….a bit like forgotten souvenirs.

Whilst out and about in Harrogate recently, I discovered this little gem of a shopFoxy Antiques and Interiors.

I wish I’d taken more pictures because there’s much much more in there, (I’ll try and get some more the next time I visit and add them in, the shop is absolutely crammed with trinkets, including the ceiling). The website gives you a bit more of an idea.

Downstairs in the basement

Lovely iron bistro set

If this is your kind of thing – add it to your list of haunts. I can imagine a lot of bits in here being handy for tv/film props. I had my eye on a nice lampshade but I didn’t buy anything on this occasion, I just had a very enjoyable muse over everything in this Aladdin’s cave of quirk and will definately be back and won’t be leaving empty handed….

I love these types of shop, you never know what interesting things you might find, not to mention pieces with character and charm (rather than a replica of what every high street shop happens to be pushing as the latest trend).

I should add – this is not some kind of affiliate post, I am not blogging for the shop or getting paid to promote them in any way, they have no idea actually – I’m just sharing this because I genuinely loved this little shop, that’s all.

Another pretty homewares shop Harrogate – the artificial flowers looked so real!!

….and of course all that browsing works up quite an appetite!!

What’s in your quirky corner? Please do share any quirky shops you love and recommend below, as they’re usually tucked away and unnoticed a lot of the time, sharing is caring!! βœ¨πŸ€—


20 thoughts on “Quirky Corner: Antique or just Unique!

  1. Ellie Thompson

    What a wonderful shop! Thanks for sharing this post and all the beautiful photos of the delights inside. I love shops like that. I’ve never been to Harrogate although I live in the UK (Chelmsford in Essex). We used to have a quirky shop called Inlines (an odd name for a shop). It sold anything and everything (but the kitchen sink!). I used to head straight for it every time I was in town. I’d always come out with something. Unfortunately, most of my town (which is now a city) is made up of mostly chain stores so sadly, nothing original. They call it progress! Glad I’ve found your blog. Ellie.

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