Shop Fronts in Derby that Caught My Eye – and Why

Quite a few shop fronts in Derby caught my eye, while I was out and about in the city centre; taking time to look at them was quite rewarding actually, judging by the collection I managed to scrape together below – and how much I enjoyed looking through then again over a quick cuppa. πŸ€— β˜•οΈ

The blooming florist on the corner

Well it’s just a burst of wonderful welcoming prettiness, colour, assortments, and a whirlwind of choicesΒ  – I doubt anyone could walk past this one without a quick uplifting glance.

The pretty piercing and tattoo parlour

Tattoo and piercing parlours (that I’ve seen) don’t usually exude this kind of calm, zen type entrance, they’re usually quite dark with deep bold colour or a graffiti/street art vibe going on. This one on the other hand, could quite easily have been a herbal food shop, a florist or a quaint cafe with fancy cupcakes – lovely!

The fabulous guitar shop

I don’t play guitar but I was glued to this array, all neatly lined up in all sorts of colours, gleaming proudly in the light, all polished and shined. I felt like I was stopping to admire a piece of artwork in a gallery – the gallery of notable shop fronts!!

The little vintage clothes shop with the cool name

For a split second I could easily have mistaken this one for a tattoo and piercing parlour.

The door beads in the entrance added an extra touch of mystique to the place. I didn’t go in, I was curious but then heard someone in the shop shouting really loudly at someone else and thought I’d give it a miss.

Looked like there was a lot of retro sportswear in there, when I peeped through the window….if you’re interested.

The restaurant that will have you nodding

A knowing nod.

We’ve all been there at some point, sat at a wonky table, sea sawing away while we eat and drink.

The citizens of Wonderland would be proud….

Round of applause. Very clever play on words, bravo!!

It’s a hair salon by the way.

If it rhymes, it works!!

We just need some sort of visible bell feature here and then it’s an absolute winner.

Preloved clothes and relationship advice

Could there be a gap in the market for this sort of thing – yes more preloved (or new) clothing shops combined with relationship tips – where fitting rooms double up as counselling booths and you get a free relationship tip on your receipt with every purchase and of course there’s bound to be a special outfit or pair of shoes that will make everything feel so much better…. we could be onto something here.

Red Gold and Green

Hard to miss this colour combo. It’s a restaurant and bar, and not limited to Bob Marley music lol. Roots, dub, reggae, dancehall music and performances are the vibe here.

The grand entrance

Stepping into this bar on an evening, you’ve got to feel a bit special surely, with a such a beautiful entrance and very much the Havana, Old Town Cuban vibe going on.

When more is more

No it isn’t a florist, it’s the door to a jewellery shop! One of the more elaborate shop fronts in Derby perhaps!



This has to be one of the grandest Wetherspoon fronts I’ve seen to date! They come in all sorts of packages these days!!

Just Rude?

Just nice

Another stylish hair salon

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of shop fronts in Derby, thank goodness for cameras.

It was nice to look back through these properly – and now I’m getting ideas around doing a framed montage for this theme and hanging it on a wall somewhere…another idea on the ever growing list of bright ideas lol.

I think it’s always worth taking more time to slow down, stop and absorb the little things (like shop fronts πŸ˜„) wherever we happen to be, if we can – day to day!! It’s ok to feel like a tourist and be more curious about ‘everywhere’ even if we’re on the way to work or the gym or whatever, there’s always something (well maybe).

There’ll be a couple more posts in this Derby blog series coming up shortly.

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