Nottingham and a Retro Vintage Lover’s Dream!

Whilst in Nottingham (UK) recently, I came across a shop that I think every vintage retro/vintage shopper will love. Maybe you’ve already been and seen it, or you’ve found something even better – if you have, do tell.

Nottingham is not far from from Derby, with plenty of historic charm and of course, another great shopping city, perfect for an idle wander and vintage shopper – it seems!

Nottingham City Centre

Sue Ryder Vintage and Retro Shop

I came across this shop. It made me do a double take as I glanced through the window and unassuming entrance. @suerydernottingham

I wanted to share this because I love a nosey around antiques/vintage stores. You can find really interesting, rare and great quality bits if you’re lucky. Mainstream modern shops can get a bit boring, same old same old, often lacking in character – so it’s great to mix things up.

I thought Sue Ryder was just a run of the mill charity shop. I had no idea they did these specialist branches – great idea.

I had a lovely chat with the lady working in the shop that day, and she told me there is another one of these specialist vintage stores in Leicester. Coincidently I happened to be in Leicester not long after and found it, but it’s a very small version, no furniture – nothing like the Nottingham store.

I spent ages looking and soaking it all up, the ambience of the shop and all the unbelievably quirky bits and bobs on display – like you would in a museum. They’re easy going about talking photographs, they just ask that you link them on your social mediaΒ  – fair enough!

The Rise of Vintage Shopping

There were quite a few vintage shops in Nottingham (and just generally, there seem to be a lot more in towns and cities these days)…is vintage becoming the new ‘new’? Seems like it, judging by its popularity across social media platforms and mushrooming high street boutiques.

“While adopting a greener mindset, consumers have fallen for the romance of archival looks. There’s just something about vintage pieces that is extra special” Vogue, Biggest Vintage Trends of 2022

Another random vintage shop in a beautiful building

Other observations

Before this – it had been years and years since I’d last visited Nottingham to catch up with a friend. It’s strange how the city didn’t seem anything like the memories I had, maybe my memories of it had faded or it’s simply changed a lot.

I vaguely remember going on a trip through Sherwood Forest many years ago back in my school days, but it’s all a blur now – wish I’d taken some pictures, or it might be nice to do it again at some point.

Cat cafes

Are these coming to a town near you? I saw a big cat cafe in Nottingham, with lots of cats inside and plenty of sofas and chairs to sit – amidst wandering cats. I also remember seeing one in Liverpool, and another one in York, where the queue to get inside was spreading down the street. Seems like a growing trend.

When I read about the owl cafes people visit in Japan, I liked the sound of visiting one of those, but now I don’t think I’d be so keen on the idea. Owls shouldn’t be cooped up in cafes – unless they choose to fly by!

Owl street art: spotted along the Nottingham Canal

The buses

I don’t think I’ve been to any town or city where the buses are not all an agreed colour. Like London, they picked red and everyone’s clear on that.

In Nottingham the buses are every colour under the sun. Red, yellow, pink, brown, different shades of blue, green, purple…..

Nottingham couldn’t decide.

Interesting shop fronts

Spaghetti anyone?

Who is the brightest of them all….

Where magicians stock up on tricks!

Lots of ornate architecture

Spot of lunch with interesting chandeliers

Lastly, a few interesting things about Nottingham

  • “Nottingham is a very historic city, and is reputed to be one of the most haunted cities in the UK.” Travel Moments in Time
  • “Nottingham was originally called Snotengaham. It was ruled by a Saxon chief named Snot, and the name translates to the homestead of Snot’s people.”/caves ‘ JSVXC blog
  • “Nottingham has the biggest market square in England, at 5.5 acres” Nottinghamshire Live

Market Square behind the tram

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      Thanks Jenny 😊 The vintage scene is on the rise for sure, everywhere I go I’m noticing this and it never gets boring!!

      Yes it seems like all the restrictions are pretty much redundant in the UK at the moment (forms/tests/vaccines/masks) so it’s a good time to visit. πŸ€—

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