Out and About: Derby City Centre

Fancy a quick nose around Derby city centre?

It’s full of interesting independent shops, charming streets, a lovely river garden and pretty churches; which make for an impressive first impression. πŸ’«

Sometimes we go places for whatever reason and don’t really stop to take in exactly where we are – you might be visiting friends, on a business trip, attending a one off event, or just a quick stop off during a long journey, but it’s nice when we get the chance to pause and take a bit of an interest in the area when we get the chance.

If you happen to find yourself in Derby (UK), you’ll probably cotton-on that it’s gothic cathedral is one of the city’s main attractions (I’ll do a seperate post), not far from the the prominent River Derwent, both of which are a stone’s throw away from the main shopping and restaurant/bar hubs….I sound like a guide book, let me stop there!! 🀭

Flowers in the city, outside Derby Cathedral

I’ll just add – Derby has a lot of shops, both indoor in the mall and outdoor, seems like it could be a good choice for a shopping weekend, depending on what you’re into. πŸ›

Down by the river

The River Derwent – most of this river runs through the Peak District countryside.

Just Wandering

The obligatory tree shot!

And to finish

…..just a few random facts about Derby, apparently!!

  • Derby officially became a city in 1977. Until then it was a town, despite having a cathedral
  • Derby is very popular with deaf people. It has a very large deaf and sign language community (second largest in the UK I think), and a lot of deaf people move to Derby for this reason – only to be beaten by London, with a larger deaf population
  • The hot dog was invented by someone who was originally from Derby
  • Derby’s biggest employer is Rolls Royce

Another random brow raiser….Derby has a region called California! When I saw it on Google maps I thought I’d landed on the wrong map, but no. 🧐

TGI Friday Lunch!

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