Pink Flamingo

A much loved tropical beauty, tall, vibrant and proud – the pink flamingo, poised like a ballerina, fabulous!

If you’ve ever visited the caribbean island of Aruba, you might have visited the much talked about ‘Flamingo Island’ aka Renaissance Island). I haven’t been but always thought I’d like to one day – until I read somewhere that the flamingos were brought to the island (by the island’s owner) and have their wings clipped to stop them flying away. You can stay in a hotel on Renaissance Island or visit with a day pass.

Hopefully they enjoy their lives on the island, and are well looked after – let me know what you thought it below if you’ve been.


My painting is inspired by a pink flamingo at the Adastra Gardens, Bahamas – I wasn’t really thinking about this when I was there, but looking back closely at some of the photographs I took, I now wonder whether these birds also had their wings clipped (they do look a bit short on the sides – for flying).

The photo: Adastra Gardens, Bahamas

Interesting flamingo facts:

Sometimes a flamingo egg yolk is pink, not yellow Source

According to Zoological World: “They can live up to 50 years old…..and are also very social creatures that enjoy being around other animals. In fact, they have been known to form friendships with turtles, pigs, and even humans! 😊🦩

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