Four Beaches

I never tire of beach scenes, I think most of us have an instinctive pull toward the earthy greens and blues of the ocean, beach therapy.

It’s soothing on the eye, calming for the soul and probably my favourite thing to paint.

Sending some beach vibes your way today – four beaches, four locations 🌏 πŸ– all using acrylic paint.

At the Mermaid Hotel on a very peaceful morning, there was nobody else on this pristine beach, Carriacou, Grenada

Long Bay Beach, Antigua – despite the calm scene, it was quite a busy beach with a lot of action from people staying at the hotels nearby. I used a metallic paint for the sea on this oneΒ  –Β  it looks a lot shinier in natural light.


Dover Beach, Barbados – never gets old.

Mauritius beach scene – more of a local community feeling than a touristy one, which I witnessed a lot when I visited Mauritius, love that.


The photos behind the paintings:

Barbados, Dover Beach, St Lawrence Gap

Long Bay Beach, Antigua

Best wishes, have a good week ahead x πŸ”†

40 thoughts on “Four Beaches

      1. equinoxio21

        Haha. I guess it’s a matter of practice. I really only learned the classical way: pencil, then ink, then watercolours. (I also like the feel of paper…) I’ll try acrylics. Some day.
        I was of course joking. I know I have travelled a lot. And hopefully still will. I just have this curiosity about Mauritius. Takes me back to my East African “roots.” Well, one day…
        Night, night…

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