Trees on Canvas from an Urban Forest!

I’m one of those people who seem to have an unnecessarily huge number of photographs of trees.

Trees are fabulously photogenic, a strong vibrant burst of nature. It’s hard not to keep taking pics, so I might as well paint a few! 🌳

This is the signature long ‘tree roofed/lined’ aisle leading from London Walthamstow Central station into the main shopping area, it’s an absolutely beautiful long green arch in the summertime, when the trees are full and leafy – a lovely dose of tree therapy!

Around Christmas these trees are usually decorated with pretty blue lights – and the colours in the autumn are a work of art, stunning. 🍁 πŸƒ πŸ‚

Acrylic on canvas: Walthamstow Central, London

Working from the original photo (further down below), I ended up being very happy with this final piece, it really takes me back to that very place.

Photo: Walthamstow Central, London UK

I think I’ve mentioned before that – for a concrete jungle, London is surprisingly green, with a generous helping of green spaces all over the place. Time Out highlights it as ‘The World’s Largest Urban Forest’ much of it being across the central boroughs of London, not just the leafier outer zones 🧐

Interesting – that grand title must have earned London a Guinness Book of World Records slot then, surely!!

24 thoughts on “Trees on Canvas from an Urban Forest!

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  2. vinayvaidya

    Can’t say for what reason in the morning I saw a rangoli design in a picture shared here by a friend and I pointed out, incidently that design was also a good example of “optical illusion”. In your painting I again noted another simple example of this. Though the street is uniformly wide all over, yet why the far end looks narrow while the near one broad! It’s what makes this painting “realistic”. Did you note this subtlety?

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