Quick Cuppa: Mystery Books, Homeless Hustlers and Popcorn for Dogs!

Another quick cuppa!!

I hope you’ve all had a good week and feeling refreshed πŸ€—

Help yourself to a wafer roll and lets get started β˜•οΈ

Gave Points for Creativity

This has to be the most amusing paper bag I’ve received in a shop for a long time. Seems a shame to put it in the recycling! By the way, it was a card/gift shop, not a cheese shop!!

Gave Points for Entrepreneurial effort

A homeless man was going round tring to sell a hand full of greetings cards outside a busy station. I didn’t really have any cash to hand at the time but crikey, this was a new and quirky alternative to run of the mill begging. I wasn’t expecting him to try and sell me something lol, fabulous! I wonder where he got his stock from – hopefully a kind donation. πŸ’· πŸ“ˆ


Outside a bookshop – this blind date approach to buying books πŸ€”

There were more inside the shop too. Not sure about this, I like a bit more info than just a few buzzwords before I buy. Has anyone tried one of these?

Watched 🎞

A movie called ‘2047 Virtual Reality’ which ended on a note suggestingΒ  – given the choice between living in the real world or a virtual world, it makes no difference because the brain reacts to, and receives each one in exactly the same way.Β  A virtual world can be just as much a real world if you choose it.

In the film, the norm was to live in a virtual world – transporting Avatar/Matrix style from a device in your ‘real world’ home. People wanted to stay there and got angry at an attempt to forcibly bring the ‘logged in’ back to the real world.

AI/virtual reality etc – all mind boggling stuff 🧐


A man kicking his electric bike to make it work!! Crumbs. A bit like photocopiers then πŸ˜†

Irritated by

Youtube. If I’m playing videos please don’t stop every now and again to ask me if I would like you to continue playing. Logically, if I clicked ‘PLAY’ and I haven’t pressed pause or exited then guess what – YES!! 😣

Plus, delivery people who leave the gate wide open.


A great antidote to irritations – a bit of peaceful painting.

A quick blast from the past. My tour bus and driver during a service break – India.

I’d just had a go on a giant swing nearby 😊 while waiting to hear more interesting insights from the guide when we set off again. It was a very hot day, beautiful sunshine, more of the usual fast traffic and sadly, I think this was our last rest stop before heading back to Delhi to fly home the next day.

I’ve found that while painting some of the most seemingly insignificant photographs, they’ve flooded my mind with memories during the process, which is often more enjoyable than the actual finished painting.

Came across

Popcorn for dogs!!

White Cheddar Cheese popcorn for humans!! Never seen this flavour before πŸ€”

I opted for a bag of the caramel kind – for humans!


On a different day to the popcorn munching….another Chicken Katsu Curry while waiting for the train. Always yum.


Woman speaking on the train within earshot: ” …….she’s mad as a box of frogs, she’s asking me if she can wear her heels to the cemetery because she doesn’t go anywhere without her heels”Β 

It’s the ‘mad as a box of frogs’Β  bit – love that!!

Snooze mode


We’ll have another quick cuppa soon, take care πŸ™ πŸ’«

24 thoughts on “Quick Cuppa: Mystery Books, Homeless Hustlers and Popcorn for Dogs!

  1. debscarey

    Mad as a box of frogs is one of my go to sayings! Not that I can remember when I first heard it, but I knew exactly what they meant, so I’ve made it a permanent addition to my vocabulary.

    Not sure about the book blind date either. I used to belong to a book club where we took it in turns to select the book, so it was a bit like this I guess. It worked really well for a while, then some of the members began to only read their own choices and no-one else’s, so I gave up with the club.

  2. Sheila Landry Designs

    Glad to see you posting Cherryl. I was just thinking about your blog the other day. I love seeing these random things.

    What caught my eye was the cheese popcorn. You haven’t seen it before? Or just not the ‘dog version’? Coming from Chicago, there is a company called Garrett’s that makes the most wonderful cheese popcorn I have ever had! I miss it. My friend sends me some on occasion, but as you can imagine, it isn’t prudent really to ship popcorn to another country. HA! I haven’t seen much of it here in Canada – certainly not of the quality of Garretts. Nothing will probably be better than that in my eyes. Thanks for bringing up that memory.

    Have a wonderful week! πŸ™‚

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