The Prisons You Build for Yourself

Do you ever feel trapped by your doubts and fears – like you just can’t move past them? Are you stuck in a psychological rut? Get out of your prison….the metal bars are your own anxieties, your own thoughts. Give yourself a ‘get out of jail free card’ by shifting the way you think.

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It’s Disappointing, but it’s your Issue

Sometimes you struggle to recognise that when someone lets you down, it’s not necessarily about you. It’s not ‘because’ of you or anything you did or didn’t/should or shouldn’t have done. Very often, it’s about them – their baggage, their mentality and their maturity level. In effect, they have let themselves down, you just happened […]

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Just sharing a few of tonight’s random thoughts. Writing it down and reading it back really got me thinking and re-affirming a few things I want to do more. You persist Because it’s worth it You invest Because the harvest will be plentiful You try Because otherwise you’ll never know ‘if’ You don’t feel guilty […]

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