Just sharing a few of tonight’s random thoughts. Writing it down and reading it back really got me thinking and re-affirming a few things I want to do more.

You persist

Because it’s worth it

You invest

Because the harvest will be plentiful

You try

Because otherwise you’ll never know ‘if’

You don’t feel guilty

Because you deserve it

Sometimes you don’t compromise

Because you value yourself

You treat everyone with the same courtesy

Because you respect others the way you’d like them to respect you

You make the effort

Because how you make other people feel matters

You choose healthy thoughts

Because how you feel affects everything about and around you

You empathise

Because you know (or can imagine) how it feels to be on the other side of the fence

You appreciate

Because you know how quickly you can lose what you have

You hold back

Because not every battle is worth the fight

You accept

Because sometimes ‘it is what it is’

You question

Because you want to understand

You listen

Because you want to hear, not just have your say

You express

Because it’s part of your being

You admit

Because you can be honest with yourself

You learn

Because ignorance doesn’t lead to progress

You grab the chance

Because there’s no such thing as luck

You give

Because it’s good for the soul

You help

Because if it was you, you’d like the help too

You support

Because ‘no man is an island’

You show loyalty

Because it comes from the heart

You remembered

Because it mattered

You sacrificed

Because some things are worth more

You take a risk

Because it’s the only way to make that leap

You hope

Because a little faith is sometimes all you need

You stay true

Because your integrity is worth more than popularity

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