The Prisons You Build for Yourself

If I had more time
If I knew for sure
If someone would go with me
If I hadΒ more money
If it wasn’t so risky
If I was more confident
What if they let me down
What if it doesn’t work out
What if people laugh
What if people talk
What if I change my mind
What if there’s a better opportunity
What if it’s a waste of time
If I knew someone else who’d done it
If I won the lottery, then I would….
If I was 10 years younger
What if I fail
Maybe next year
Maybe its not for me
Maybe its not such a good idea
But I’ve never done anything like that before
But I don’t want people to think I’m……….
What if I lose friends
If it ain’t broke why fix it
Maybe another time
Maybe when I retire
Maybe I’m not ready
Maybe I’m not cut out for this
What if I’m out of my depth
People like me don’t do that sort of thing
People won’t take me seriously
Nobody supports my idea
Maybe I’m making a mistake
Maybe I should just make do
Maybe I’m being too ambitious
What if i’m no good at it
But I don’t know where to start
But I’m no good at that sort of thing
The list goes on, and on…..
Stay in your prison, stare at it’s walls or be brave, have faith, follow your calling, realise your potential, start taking small steps, and get on with it!

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