Alfred Hitchcock Book Competition!!

Win a copy of “Alfred Hitchcock” by Peter Ackroyd (2015)

One for the film buffs, and the curious.


To enter the draw:

1.Comment below with your favourite Hitchcock film and why!!

2.Follow and re/tweet @thriftyshopper7 using the hashtag #Hitchcockbook

Closing date: 1 June Midnight

Winner drawn from UK entrants


42 thoughts on “Alfred Hitchcock Book Competition!!

  1. Rebecca Evans

    The Birds – saw this in my early teens and it’s all still there…one of those haunting movies that never leave you…Hitchcock’s finest.


  2. Thomas McKinney

    It has to be psycho or the birds both films are masterpieces. The both in there own way gave me nightmares


  3. Karen Watson

    The Birds…. I can’t help looking at them now and wondering what they’re plotting against us humans 🙂


  4. Asterid

    I love them all. I’ve certainly been most affected by Psycho though, I saw it as a teenager and even today when I go to stay in a hotel I have to open the shower curtain when I first arrive and leave it open when not in use otherwise it freaks me out. My partner finds this hilarious.


  5. MichelleD

    I love the Birds, I think it’s a brilliant film-I’ve never looked a bird the same since I first watched it. Tippi Hedren was great!


  6. Joan Rowan

    Psycho, a brilliant film. Keeps you guessing to the very shocking end. Even the music scared me. This film set the bar for all horror and whodunnit films. For sheer nail biting drama Psycho is the best. Hitchcock was, and still is, the Master.


  7. Phil Morris

    Birds. Their freedom in the sky suggests the ability to anything they please. In this case, with horrifying results.


  8. Jill Dawson

    My favourite is Rope because the two main characters are so unpleasant, unlikeable and you cannot have any sympathy for them. It’s black & white which probably puts a lot of people off watching now. But I grew up in black and white.


  9. Paul Scotland

    Psycho as it is truly seminal movie, and alerts the audience about the spectrum of mental illness. It is truly atmospheric.


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