Beauty Disaster MUA MAKEUP ACADEMY Competition!!

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So we’ve all (male or female) probably had some sort of beauty or cosmetic catastrophe at some point or another. Whether it’s crazy tan lines, lashes falling into your romantic dinner, bad reactions to products or a simple broken nail – these things can bring trauma and humiliation to us all.

Its always comforting to know you are not alone, and hear about the trials of fellow beauty seekers, from which we can perhaps learn and avoid similar experiences.

Nail polish melting off my nails whilst on holiday was one of my weirdest beauty disasters (stick to reputable brands in hot weather), along with hair getting sucked into the back end of a hairdryer and ending up in knots, (watch what you’re doing when drying your hair) lol.

To be entered into the prize draw:

1. Comment below with your own beauty disasters.

2. Be sure to follow and re/tweet @thriftyshopper7 using the hashtag #mybeautydisaster

Closing date: 14 June 2015 Midnight. Winner will be drawn from UK entrants.



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140 thoughts on “Beauty Disaster MUA MAKEUP ACADEMY Competition!!

  1. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    I decided to let a lady at Chelsea Brows in a shopping centre demonstrate their eyebrow pencil and stencils, I’d been desperate to get someone to do them properly as i ended in failure everytime at home (I have platinum blonde eyebrows and one eyebrow slightly higher than the other) – well i looked ridiculous, it looked like i had two great big dirty wonky catapillars on my face – and me being as polite as i am am, just smiled and then made a swift exit home to get it off my face! – i could actually see people sniggering at me as i walked through the shopping centre to get home!

  2. Wendy

    A friend who was training to be a beauty therapist (now fully qualified and is doing really well) had been waxing my eyebrows for about a year, she was on holiday and they needed doing so I bought some of the shaped wax strips to do them myself. Well the shape was ok but I was left with red spots of dried blood where every hair had been pulled from. I had to restyle my hair to cover my brows for a few days. #mybeautydisaster

  3. Heather Lynn

    Oh dear lol. I’d have to say my biggest beauty uh-oh is when I was using one of those electronic brow shavers…

    I was touching up my brows one night and the lighting sucked.
    All of a sudden, I saw a bunch of little hairs fall in the sink! I turn off the shaver, and was confused bc my eye brows were still there!
    So where did all those little hairs come from?!?
    Well… My eyelashes.
    Hahaha it was horrible. Luckily, I have normal eyelashes again. And now, I stick to the mini brow razors (that are not electronic!!) lol.

    PS: I live in the US, so I’m not eligible for the contest. (I just wanted to let you know!)
    I look forward to your future posts! (I just followed you through wordpress 😊)

    <3 Heather Lynn
    From Heathers Treasure

  4. Jessica Hutton

    I once paid to have my makeup done professionally for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in. Let’s just say I ended up looking like a mix between a drag queen and a clown. With no time to fix it at the house I ended up taking wet wipes and makeup into the car on the way to the church. My face was bright red from all the scrubbing trying to get it off so I didn’t look my best in those wedding pictures.

  5. BeautyBeyondTheScale

    I’m in the US so I don’t qualify for the contest but I can add a story anyway!

    I once applied sunless tanner day & night for about a week so that I was SUPER tan. I thought I looked so great until one day I wore ankle socks & running shoes outside for anout 8 hours, took them off & realized that the combination of my sweat & socks removed all the tanner from my ankles & feet. Ooos! Haha

  6. Christine Szlobodnik

    I was experimenting with my makeup & thought hmm i’l have black eyebrows & it DID NOT look good. I looked like a proper mega big drag queen :/

    I had fake tan on my whole body but left out my face…

    I have pale face so basically i did my makeup neat BUT mega bright pink blusher on my cheeks….


    Thanks to magazines & youtube i got my makeup sorted.

    Thanks for this competition.


  7. Patricia Bond

    I once used dark red lip liner (it looked brown to me!) on my eyebrows by mistake. I was in a rush didn’t have my glasses on and picked up the pencil and did my brows quickly it was only when I met my friend and she fell about laughing. I was mortified but it did spur me on to sort out my make up draw and put all the lip stuff together and all the brow stuff together etc.

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