Out and About Around Borough Market

Borough market has been known for being one of the biggest food markets in London, with a history behind it dating back to medieval times.

Opposite London Bridge Station, the market looks like a large modern green house at first glance, however you can rest assured that there is indeed a sprawling market place tucked neatly inside.

Scents of cooked meats waft through the air whilst your eyes are bombarded with various cheese, bread, and delicacy stalls – surrounded by eager foodies.

Wines, french themed produce, oysters from Essex, and fresh fish are few of the highlights.

There is a slight maze-like feel to the place, with various side streets taking you off to discover hidden stalls, restaurants and eateries.

Within minutes you can wander over to the River Thames front, for a pub lunch, and walk along some of the surrounding (cobbled and medieval looking) streets, soaking up various places of interest nearby.

Photos below from a Sunday afternoon.



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