More Rudeness in Grenada: Deyna’s Tasty Foods Disgusting Customer Service

Deyna’s Tasty Foods Disgusting Customer Service followed on from an appalling Grenada airport welcome.

We decided to eat like the locals and pop into a restaurant/cafe in the hustle and bustle of St George.

Sample some local cuisine I thought, give some custom to local businesses (who you’d think would appreciate it more than your bigger more flourishing hotel empires), surely this couldn’t go horribly wrong.

Surely not.

Well sadly it did, and disturbingly so.

This is the place we chose to grab some lunch:

 “Deyna’s Tasty Foods”

With a brandishing of all that they ‘specialise’ in!!

I hasten to say, customer service, good manners and basic human kindness are definitely not one of their specialities.

Never in my life, have I encountered such disgusting face to face customer service in any place of business or delivery of a public service, anywhere in the world.




Upon reaching the counter to pay for my purchase, I began to reckon up what the cost would be in US dollars (prices were in Eastern Caribbean dollars but I wanted to use up my US currency as my travels were taking me to islands that would all accept US dollars; I was still getting my head around the conversions). During this time, a local gentleman in the queue beside me began to helpfully advise me on roughly what the US dollar amount would be for my purchase.

How nice, I thought.

The local people are friendly and helpful.

At this very moment, the man behind the counter at the till (who I would describe as an elderly looking man with a balding head – seated at the till) interjected abruptly and said to the kind gentleman ” no no no, let her waste her money” quote, unquote.

This felt like a swift stab in the back.

Bear in mind that there were other people in the queue all witnessing and listening to this outburst.

The man’s scathing comment felt like an outright attack.

I felt discriminated against for being a tourist/foreigner.

I was stunned and speechless (which I can assure you is not in my usual nature) and cannot believe what just happened and I’ve never encountered such nasty people in any other part of the world whilst on a holiday.

Shame on you Grenada.

You are a business that relies on customers and a nation that needs tourism to boost your economy and this is how you treat them.

Coupled with The unwelcoming experience upon arriving in Grenada which I described in a previous blog, I was beginning to wish hard for the end of my stay on the island, regretting the money spent to holiday in Grenada and looking forward to never setting foot on that island ever again.

Thankfully we were only on the island for four nights before flying on to Antigua – and what a pleasant contrast.

Not that it makes any difference, but parts of my family are of Grenadian decent, and I’m sure it would have broken their hearts (God rest their souls) to hear me tell them that my very first visit to the Islands was overshadowed by what I have described above and at the airport.

As cliche as it sounds, negative first impressions do leave a mark – as much as you might try to brush it off. It’s a stark show of backward thinking they are to behave like this toward paying customers when you’re trying to run a business and rebuild your economy. Shockingly stupid.

Going back to this incident, a group of people who had been on the same flight (and whom I’d witnessed in the immigration queue receiving the not so friendly welcome of the immigration ladies described earlier) happened to come into the very same restaurant just after my ordeal. What a coincidence!

I told them what I had experienced and we reflected on how disappointing the Grenadian welcome had been so far overall.

We also agreed not to let these experiences ruin or holiday – which I willed myself to try not to do.

I’m a firm believer in being open about things like this  – if bullies are not exposed they will continue to think their behaviour is acceptable, and drag down the reputations of decent people along with them. 


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16 thoughts on “More Rudeness in Grenada: Deyna’s Tasty Foods Disgusting Customer Service

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  2. Brian S.

    I’m there now and that doesn’t surprise me one bit. I also went to a restaurant frequented by locals and got the impression that I am not welcome there. And when riding the mini busses I got dirty looks from locals even kids, like they were annoyed that we were riding their busses. One bus driver told us 5 dollars, than asked for 10 more when we got to our stop. Even our tour guide went to relax on his own, and made us pay for his drinks. I was in Barbados and there were tourists and locals mingling together and I traveled all over the island. Here I felt tourists are only welcome in Grand Anse Beach and St. Georges and nowhere else. IDK how anyone can say these people are friendly. This is the rudest country I’ve ever been to. The majority of Grenadians are racist assholes. IDK how all those international students can live here. They hate tourists, but they love their money. I too will never again set foot on this miserable island. If you want true friendliness, go to Aruba. Tourists should just stop coming here and see how they manage. People always talk about “ugly Americans” but never “ugly locals”. Assholeness works both ways.

    1. Cherryl

      Good points – the bad press certainly does work both ways. I’ve never felt as unwelcome anywhere as much as I did in Grenada and I won’t be going back there, though I wouldn’t mind like to visiting Carriacou (sister island that’s nothing like mainland Grenada). It’s disgusting and inexcusable behaviour in this day and age – not to mention stupid, when they rely so heavily on tourism. Sorry to hear you had a similar experience – Grenada should be ashamed.

      1. Brian S.

        It got better toward the end when we were given the friendliest tour guide on the island. And we did meet a handful of other friendly locals, but most of them were mixed race. The resort areas and St. Georges were okay, but most everywhere else was not. And we weren’t the only tourists who got ripped off in the mini buses. One tour guide told us how they want more tourism, but no one on the island will admit they are poorly treated. And they want someone else to build hotels for them. I agree. This is the most unwelcoming place I’ve ever been. And I never saw anyone smile on the streets. The island is beautiful but the people ruin it. But I agree other islands are more interesting and have more to see and actually appreciate tourism. Don’t even get me started on how bad the snorkeling was.
        I agree. Airport staff deliberately shames passengers and yells private information so loud that everyone can hear. And IDK why it’s their business what your occupation is. I leave in a few hours.
        I agree, Carriacou was far more welcoming, and I later regretted not spending half my trip there, but the cab driver overcharged us for a tour.
        Definitely visit Aruba someday.
        Sorry you were treated this way. I’m tired of this propaganda. These assholes need to be exposed for who they truly are.

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  4. Sibyl

    So sorry you had this experience I must say the custom ladies can be rude and unwelcoming. Had that experience my last visit but I’ve been many time without a problem. The place that you went to eat I will drop in the next time. I usually go to places my relative recommend. As tourism is what these business rely on they should not bite the hand that feeds them. Many place are welcoming in Grenada so please give other business a chance. I to am of Grenadian decent and when we come to our homeland we do not want to hear bad things

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