Out and About in Delhi, India

I felt an almost unbelievable sense of being in an entirely new world, a world with ‘ways’ that are not to be labelled or ridiculed, but simply accepted as ‘the way’ for where we were –  a different way to what I was used to seeing or experiencing.

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More Rudeness in Grenada: Deyna’s Tasty Foods Disgusting Customer Service

Deyna’s Tasty Foods Disgusting Customer Service followed on from an appalling Grenada airport welcome. We decided to eat like the locals and pop into a restaurant/cafe in the hustle and bustle of St George. Sample some local cuisine I thought, give some custom to local businesses (who you’d think would appreciate it more than your bigger more […]

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La Petite Auberge: Traditional French Restaurant

La Petite Auberge Islington. Delicious food that doesn’t disappoint. Maybe next time I’ll try the frogs legs! Tourette de légumes grilles Tower of marinated grilled aubergine, courgettes & halloumi Served on bread with saffron and roosted pepper dressing Champignons de Paris farcis Mushrooms filled with garlic butter, topped with breadcrumbs, parsley & cheese Filet de Cabilleau […]

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