Out And About Morocco #3: Food, Orange Trees, a Mosque and a Medina!

More snapshots from Morocco to inspire a trip or bring back some familiar memories; whichever is the case, I hope you enjoy! For years I had felt like every other person I spoke to had been to Morocco apart from me – yet I’d been saying I wanted to go there for many many years. […]

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Another Not So Warm Welcome in Grenada, St George.

So we decided to eat like the locals and pop into a restaurant/cafe in the hustle and bustle of St George. Sample some local cuisine I thought, give some custom to local businesses (who you’d think would appreciate it more than your bigger more flourishing hotel empires), surely this couldn’t go horribly wrong. Surely not. Well sadly it […]

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La Petite Auberge: Traditional French Restaurant

La Petite Auberge Islington. Delicious food that doesn’t disappoint. Maybe next time I’ll try the frogs legs! Tourette de légumes grilles Tower of marinated grilled aubergine, courgettes & halloumi Served on bread with saffron and roosted pepper dressing Champignons de Paris farcis Mushrooms filled with garlic butter, topped with breadcrumbs, parsley & cheese Filet de Cabilleau […]

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