Farewell Grenada, Next Stop: Antigua

All packed and ready to go. Upon leaving Grenada I was greeted with yet more rude staff at the LIAT check-in desk this time, I can’t even leave without another dose. Our driver had taken special care to bring our luggage into the airport and place it at the front of the queue to make […]

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More Rudeness in Grenada: Deyna’s Tasty Foods Disgusting Customer Service

Deyna’s Tasty Foods Disgusting Customer Service followed on from an appalling Grenada airport welcome. We decided to eat like the locals and pop into a restaurant/cafe in the hustle and bustle of St George. Sample some local cuisine I thought, give some custom to local businesses (who you’d think would appreciate it more than your bigger more […]

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Welcome to Grenada! Rude Staff at Maurice Bishop International Airport.

After long flight, rude staff at Maurice Bishop International Airport is the last thing you need. Nobody expected to be greeted with the rude and hostile attitude of some ‘female’ immigration staff we encountered, and these women were and embarrassment to Grenada. What a welcome!! Perhaps these staff did not wish to encourage tourism into Grenada […]

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