Carry Me To Carriacou

Carriacou is one of Grenada’s sister Islands, and delightful contrast.

The second largest of Grenada’s Tri-Islands and a refreshingly untouched, peaceful piece of paradise.

As well as the SVG Air flight, it is also possible to sail via Osprey Ferry from Grenada’s capital, St George or book an organised tour.



Not only do you weigh your bags, ‘you’ also have to stand on the scale so they can weigh you too for this flight; it’s a very small plane! I didn’t know it at the time though – what a shock when I saw the plane later……




This is the plane I’m about to get on….yes I know it looks like something out of Toy Story and it only had nine seats 😱

I had always vowed never (under any circumstances) to fly in a light aircraft, and have always stood firm that I will always take the sailing option or abandon the journey in any given travel situation…..yet here I am about to betray myself. What am I doing?

I reassure myself that I’ll only ever do it this once.


Here goes!

There were six people on my flight, we were strategically seated in order to balance the weight in the safest way possible!!!!


It’s roughly a 20 minute flight, while the ferry is just under 3 hours, so you can see the appeal!


I definitely felt more vulnerable and cocooned in this light aircraft, the mechanical noises were loud, I heard every squeak of the plane’s engineering, felt every bump/jitter and discovered that every part of my body could shake and bounce…good gosh!!




Throughout the flight there was a woman further back in the plane making noises I cannot even begin to describe (fear can do that to people), she was having some sort of panic attack and clearly not happy to be taking this flight.


As the panic at the back continues, the pilot spruces himself up with a spritz of fancy cologne, filling the ‘tiny 9 seater plane’ with his scent….I guess he had a hot date to get to!


I as sat within arms reach of the pilot and all the cockpit controls. Not being funny but,  if you had a troublesome passenger on board sat behind the pilot, it would be way too easy to grab the pilot and disturb the flight….just saying….luckily I was the person sat behind the pilot (so no danger of trouble, lol) but you just never know with people!










Landing in Carriacou…..


Video clip music: Carriacou by The Mighty Yachtie


All done, smooth landing.  Until this point I’d never fully appreciated the joy of tarmac – I could have kissed it.

Despite not feeling acutely traumatised, I am still determined never to fly on one of these things again.

I’m just not keen.

I will not convert!



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