Farewell Grenada, Next Stop: Antigua

All packed and ready to go.

Upon leaving Grenada I was greeted with yet more rude staff at the LIAT check-in desk this time, I can’t even leave without another dose.

Our driver had taken special care to bring our luggage into the airport and place it at the front of the queue to make it easy for us to step forward when called.

When the check in staff finally arrived at the desk, one of them became aggressive and shouted that we shouldn’t be standing where we were and that the luggage was too far at forward (about a metre if that, and the luggage was a pile of heavy suitcases). When we tried to explain what had happened she bellowed at the top of her voice we are the staff and we are telling you”.  No inclination to listen or communicate calmly, just arrogant loudness.

I thought ‘we were the customers’ without whom you would have no job.


The goodbye was just as frosty as the welcome described earlier.

Very disappointing.


Refusing to listen to a customer, and bellowing in a loud and arrogant manner. Lovely!

We can all see that you are the ‘staff’ and it’s nothing to brag about, unless you think everyone in the airport desires to be in your shoes doing your job. Seriously!

The whole ‘us and them’ mentality is absurd when you’re dealing with customers unless you enjoy antagonising and alienating people.

Yet again, another member of staff at Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport showering tourists with warm and friendly hospitality. Not.

Now onwards to Antigua via a stop off and plane change in Barbados.

LIAT here we come…..




Goodbye Grenada



So we get on the correct flight bound for Antigua, which should have been our only flight before landing in Antigua  – we end up landing in Barbados, everyone is told to disembark and board another LIAT flight bound for Antigua (stopping off in Dominica), which of course happens to be delayed by 45 minutes; what else would we expect from LIAT.

Takes a deep breath!

We got there in the end.

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