A few Realisations and Self-Reminders

Sometimes I just have to remind myself that not everyone sees the world like I do, they don’t share my views, uphold my values or care about the things I care about, and that’s ok.

Financial independence isn’t purely about how much money you have, but how wise and forward thinking you are with it. Invest and save as much as you can, get the most out of your money, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Strive for quality rather than quantity as much as possible.

There will always be haters, ignore them. Just focus on positive things and positive people.

I’m allergic to Aloe Vera.

I’ve suddenly become addicted to X Files after watching a handful of episodes (seasons 1-9 are currently on the way from Amazon as we speak….terrible!). Maybe it’s just a fad and I’ll be over soon enough. We’ll see!

Without change you don’t grow, get out of your comfort zone.

Forgiveness is essential, without it you are chained to negativity.

There is no point wasting time trying to be someone you are not otherwise you’ll attract people who think you’re someone else. Be you.

In life you need a passion, something that can occupy your time, talent, and commitment without you getting tired of it. Something you can develop and build and grow into.


Fitness and healthy eating should have to be a priority. More fruit & veg is a must. Snacking on a carrot and celery while watching TV is ok, in fact the more raw fruit and veg you eat the better.

Online shopping is addictive. Be careful!

Lazy people really irritate me (though I do have my own lazy moments).

Your comfort zone is your own self-imposed prison.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak volumes.

Its ok to wear flat shoes sometimes. (lol, heels every day)

Primark is not as cheap as it used to be (can’t believe I’m saying this lol).

Its better to question than criticise, try and understand rather than dismiss.

A lot of things in life are overrated.

A lot of people in life are human leeches – don’t get ‘sucked in’.

Eat well live well.

Giving is important.

Being grateful is a tonic for the soul, recognise your blessings!








67 thoughts on “A few Realisations and Self-Reminders

  1. Tracey Hallmark

    For me 2017 is going to be about ‘Doing Different to be Different’ I suffer with Chronic Pain and Fatigue and have felt that 2016 was very much a vicious cycle of sleep and pain and very little else. However, 2017 has already started off positively as I finally got a place on an 8 week Pain Management Course and during the last 2 weeks I have already met new people and learned about Mindfulness and Meditation which has already spurred me on to do different, I am really enjoying the benefits of learning a new technique and sleeping and exercising a lot more I feel loads better and hugely inspired.

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    1. Cherryl

      I’m really pleased to hear that things are improving, I hope you get long term relief from your chronic pain as this is something that must have been/ is very difficult to live with, as well as Chronic Fatigue – may these new techniques bring you some permanent results – and allow you to enjoy more of 2017!


  2. Samantha L Schofield

    i at a very young age realised about the affect of others judgements of others and have always chose to go with what i want and not others impact on that.
    now with 2 children girls 9 n 10 realise it even more but its affect is enormous for most ….i will always learn my children friends and family that we only get 1 life as we are so do whats best for you…..people will judge no matter what so let it give you strength rather than negativity about 1s self


    1. Cherryl

      Thanks you so much for sharing this positive message, I agree – no matter what you do, people will always judge – you can’t please everyone so get on with making your life/self happy 😊


  3. Debbie Henderson

    this is the year to commit to the changes made in 2016 ( no year can be worse for us personally), settle the boys down and make this house a home. Plus to enjoy and embrace our new seaside life!!!


  4. TheBeesleyBuzz (@TheBeesleyBuzz)

    so many of your points really resonate with me and are so thought provoking – i especially love what you say about forgiveness, getting out your comfort zone and finding your passions. One of my favourite quotes is something about ‘it’s never too late to be who you are meant to be’ and i am gradually realising how much fear has held me back. This year there are some things i’ve set out to do and am determined to face my fears and do them! One is going self-employed and starting up a business that is based on my passions and it was just two days ago that i took that step to do this! That positive thinking is essential for me right now. x


    1. Cherryl

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post, that’s really inspiring to hear, positivity is contagious! I wish you every success on your new journey, and hopefully those fears will become a thing of the past, in time. ☺


  5. jackie beckett

    I am at the age where i dont care what people think of me but also find myself going back in time and going over mistakes so this year i am focusing on whats to come


    1. Cherryl

      I like this perspective, it’s staggering how much energy we can waste concerning ourselves with the opinions of others – especially when it makes absolutely no difference in the long run. I agree with you about looking ahead too – leave the past where it belongs.


  6. Sue Taylor

    I’ve realised that I can’t simultaneously complete a room makeover and save money (two of my NY’s resolutions). Finding it hard to balance financial health whilst satisfying my need for material pleasures….


  7. Hayley Todd

    I am de-cluttering my life in so many ways this year – from ridding my life of the people who drag me down & hold me back and don’t allow me to be myself. I have finally realised that in order to be truly happy, I need to be who I want to be, not who other people want me to be. I’ve learnt that it’s finally okay to not be the strong one all the time and to carry everyone’s problems around on my shoulders without ever asking for help with mine. I’ve learnt the hard way that none of us know what tomorrow will bring and to ensure that you tell the ones you love how much they mean to you, each and every day.

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  8. Katherine Lucas

    I’ve learned that if you listen to others than you stop listening to what you want and believe in. It’s easy to have ideas, but harder to put them in practice and the way to get what you want is to actually take action.

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  9. Deborah Clarke

    2016 was a tough one. Ive learnt to ignore my self doubt. To believe that I am good enough and just because im a bit ‘ quirky ‘ that does not make me weird. I’ve learnt to ignore the negative people and focus on the positive loving ones in my life. I however did notice that Aldi is also not as cheap as it used to be either.


    1. Cherryl

      Love these positive thoughts, self doubt is such a dead weight, and negative people are toxic. Bargain hunting is getting harder these days lol, Aldi too, well well well! 😊


  10. charlie bee

    I love this post! 2016 was a really good and a really bad year for me but I am determined to fix the bad things in 2017! I want to be back to my best self!

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  11. Kelly Rendall

    I realised this past year that my mood affects everyone around me – I have also realised that I am untidy and unorganised as well as being a control freak – I need to sit back and let people do things THEIR way without commenting or interfering

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  12. Lynsey Buchanan

    Do not regret getting older it’s a privilege denied to many – unfortunately 2016 was a cruel year and I learned this time and time again but looking at it from a positive angle that life is short so seize the day and live each day like it’s your last. .

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  13. justjules33

    This year I plan to travel more and invest more into my diet and lifestyle. I have decided to give up Alcohol for a period of time and really just live my life rather than just exist.


  14. samantha felton

    I especially like the comment about lazy people, I find this so true both at work and home (I’m the mum of a 16 year old son) who has partial knee replacement last year. Five months after being back in the gym and rehab I’ve dropped two stone and am back fighting fit, so lazy people is just something I don’t understand! Love the Twitter Competition – I’m Dinky Gamer, thanks for the chance of winning the gorgeous trainers πŸ™‚


    1. Cherryl

      You are a great example of my point, I get more annoyed at work since people are getting paid to pull their weight – this is something I probably need to let go of – at some point in life we reap what we sow!


  15. Susan Laing

    I must admit it has taken to my 41st year to finally realise that it isn’t important what others think I should be or what I should be doing all that matters is what I think. To, I’m sure, misquote Maya Angelou, ‘When someone shows you who they really are, believe them’. Learned that the hard way, so in 2017 I am having a literal and an emotional clear our of all the baggage from 2016 and before and moving forward with my head held high.

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    1. Cherryl

      I love this comment, I think there are probably lots of people who are grappling with this late into their life (beyond 30/40s). Society does a lot to weaken self esteem from the cradle to the grave, especially via the media. The older we get, the more comfortable we tend to get with ourselves and in our own skin but to truly let go of the hang up of ‘what others think’ is very liberating to say the least. Wishing you a fresher/lighter 2017 😊


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