Hay Fever, help!

“Bless you”

“Your eyes look a bit red”

“Have you got a cold?”

Hay fever season is upon us once again – great!

Today I came across a few UK news articles warning of a looming wave of intense hay fever symptoms that are on the way due to a mix of windy and humid weather.

On the whole, I don’t suffer from hay fever, but I usually have the odd day of courtesy itchy nasal/throat shenanigans, just so that I don’t feel left out!

Hay fever is probably worse than a cold – at least a cold usually makes sense and you know it’ll be over in a few days. Hay fever is less predictable and unbearable  – when your throat and eyes are both itching and nothing brings relief – that’s torture.

For those who suffer badly I sympathise deeply, the red eyes and runny nose in the heat of summer is a real struggle.

Granted, different things work for different people, but maybe some of these quick tips might help!

Antihistamine Tablets

I’m not a fan of turning to drugs  – unless nothing else seems to be working, but I guess sometimes quick relief is needed. Antihistamines are available over the counter and supposed to be handy for relieving a range of allergy symptoms.


It might help to have a tightly woven voile in your windows to catch pollen particles when you open the windows (rather than a net curtain or nothing at all).

Dairy Products

Time and time again I keep coming across advice and recommendations to reduce dairy products, particularly cows milk/cheese, for all manner of illnesses, not to mention hay fever.

Don’t Peg It Out

Avoid hanging washing out to dry when the pollen count is high, check it on a weather  forecast for your area.

Herbal Help

There are loads of websites all offering tips and tricks to deal with hay fever; a common herbal remedy seems to be nettles, which have anti-allergenic properties. I’m guessing drinking nettle tea (which you can buy in stores) is the best way to get this into your system. Liquorice tea is also said to be helpful and Olbas oil is a great natural decongestant that contains eucalyptus.

Nettle and Licorice tea Hayfever DSCN5251

I also remember reading something about lavender essential oils…..

Wash it away

Have a shower, wash your hair and change your clothes immediately after you’ve been outdoors – wash the pollen off your person.


Rub some around the insides of your nostrils to catch pollen particles before they get any further up your nose and into your throat. Natural beeswax will do the same thing – a bit more organic and complimentary to health.

For readers in the UK, the Allergy & Free From Show is taking place later in the summer, featuring lots of top allergy experts, it might be worth checking it out!

Good luck to us all over the coming weeks – tissues at the ready.



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