Boscastle Fishing Village: A Cornwall Beauty

Boscastle fishing village has to be one of the cutest villages I’ve been to, and very much the closest I’ve come to a real life ‘Thomas Kinkade’ scene.

Many of Thomas Kinkade’s pictures are like snapshots from a fairytale.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were walking through the set of a film and it’s easy to see why so many authors have found inspiration from Boscastle’s quaint scenery.

The fishing industry isn’t as busy as it used to be due to the introduction of a railway system in late 1800s – which means it now serves more as a place to admire and enjoy.

Walking in Boscastle fishing village

  • Go walking and enjoy the coastal cliff lined views. You can walk a straight coastal route from Boscastle to neighbouring Tintagel
  • Show off your dog – in Cornwall, everyone seems to have a dog, and in Boscastle village it looked like an outdoor Crufts gathering as people gathered proudly with their pooches
Let the climb commence…
Such a beautiful walk with views of the coast
Slate is a big commodity here
You can tell it was a hot day! This butternut & pecan plus mint choc chip ice-cream had to be eaten very quickly.

The great flood

The great flood of 2004 of Boscastle fishing village is well documented; the community suffered terribly when more than one months worth of torrential rain fell in just two hours.

The village flooded again in 2017, but not as severely as in 2004.

Coastal views

This visit took place in July, though I imagine each season brings equally stunning views and moods of Boscastle.

Music clip: Split Sessions // Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra – ‘Hot Bath’ (no copyright infringement intended)





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