Around Tintagel Village: North Cornwall

The next stop on my UK staycation, with yet more coastal views, fresh country walks and a pretty little village.

It’s a bit of a steep trek down, and there’s a jeep shuttle service to bring you back up for around Β£1 if you like. The walk back up is really good for toning the bum and thighs though!

Tintagel Castle DSCN0142

If you don’t want to walk, jump in a jeep!

Now….when I walked into this cave there was some background music – I thought is was prerecorded, but after a while I noticed some people drumming and humming with a gathering around them, it looked like some sort of ceremony, I kind of felt like I was intruding!

Now for the walk back up to the top! Pace yourself otherwise you’ll burn out quickly.

Back up in the little town, lots of cute little shops like this honey shop….

Spotted: interesting dancers



Music clip: Do Your Thing – Basement Jaxx, no copyright infringement intended







9 thoughts on “Around Tintagel Village: North Cornwall

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  2. milliethom

    This was one of our favourite places in Cornwall – along with Saint Michael’s Mount and The Lost Gardens of Heligan.
    Unfortunately, my (old) knees weren’t happy with all the steps at Tintagel, The views are fantastic, as your photos show, and so are the many ruins. We didn’t get into Merlin’s Cave, so it was interesting to see your photos of that. I’m so glad we got up to Tintagel and your post has brought it all back to mind.

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