Books on the Beach: Friend Request

Imagine being stalked by someone you think is dead – they contact you on Facebook and seem to know enough about your daily life to suggest they are actually watching and following you offline!

Imagine the anxiety of wondering whether this person might get away with murder – since nobody thinks they’re alive, and not being able to walk down the street without feeling preyed upon by unseen eyes.

Friend Request taps into the issue of school day bullying antics and highlights the fact that such antics are not always forgotten in adulthood – in fact, revenge can wait ever so patiently, for many years.

Friend Request also puts the spotlight on some of the strains that can test and wreck friendships – whether teen or adult.

Moral of the story – be careful how you treat people and watch what you post on social media about yourself?

Ahh but there’s more to the story, a few twists, as with any good suspense/thriller.

As I read the final chapters, the acoustic guitar sounds of Bryan Adams ‘everything I do I do it for you’Β happened to be strumming in the background – this ‘dramatic tune’ seemed to intensify every word as I eagerly read through to then end of the book, like watching the final dramatic scenes of a good film!

It’s an easy read that switches from modern day (adult) to back in the day (teens), mirroring both eras to help you make clear links between the past and the present.




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