Out and About Morocco: Goats in Trees and a Riad Dinner

The goats in trees phenomenon is something you have to see for yourself to truly beleive it, even after you’ve seen countless social media pictures.

But first let me tell you about the endless platters of food that kept coming to the table during a dinner at a Marrakech riad. I think this might just be the biggest serving of food I’ve ever had in one sitting.

Come Dine with me, at a Moroccan Riad 

After around the fourth course I asked one of our lovely waiters ‘if that was it’ – are we done – he said yes.

Two minutes later he’s back with more dishes and plates filled with food, and fresh knives and forks…this seemed to go on all night, I kid you not.

Great if you’re a big eater. The 10 plates served for the starter alone were enough to fill me up. Be warned, if you’re hungry, don’t eat too much too soon – you need to pace yourself for all the courses.

Tip: You only know the meal is well and truly over when the fruit comes, I’ve cottoned on that fruit signals the end of a meal in Morocco. Even after a heavy pastry dessert, they still bring out some fruit – thinly sliced orange sprinkled with cinnamon is a common one.

When we arrived, a waiter came and wrote out our names on the table with sequins…one sequin at a time, he did it perfectly, and then we were presented with a large silver bowl and asked to hold out our hands while water was poured from a large silver teapot to rinse our hands before we ate.

After dinner, we were asked to hold out our hands again while rose water was poured over them to freshen them up!

The Riad Dinner

Dinner in a Marrakech riad, top class service and extremely generous servings of food


Riads used to be where all the super rich Moroccans lived, the buildings look like nothing from the outside (which helped not to attract thieves), but once you get inside they’re like fabulous little palaces, with a garden and water feature inside the building. The trademark arches, mosaic tiles colourful decor, lamps and lanterns…all make for a very unique atmosphere.

Riads are now a popular accommodation for tourists and holiday makers, some are budget others are more luxury standard.

Goats in Trees, Argan Trees

The boy with the baby – he did well today, he got money and M&Ms

“They are not plastic” said our guide as we got off the coach. Honestly, I could not believe my eyes as we pulled up, seeing really is believing.

From what I gathered, these goats were staged to some extent because a makeshift platform had been built for them to stand on.

Goats in argan trees, Essauira

As per with most things – the local people around the tree will want some money from you before you leave.

I can honestly say I’ve had a really good mix of experiences in Morocco, boring ‘it was not’.

Brightly dressed horse
Street in Morocco
Moroccan high road

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  3. travelrat

    According to our guide in 2002, ‘genuine’ goats will move about from branch to branch. If they’re standing still, the herd-boys hoisted them up there to collect largesse from passing tourists.

    One lot we saw were not only standing still, but all facing the same direction. Achmed said they were all facing Mecca, and praying to God to get them down from the tree safely! 😀

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