Comptoir Darna: Marrakech, The Moroccan Restaurant You Don’t Want to miss

From the moment you get past security, the interior of this restaurant is intense and dramatic everywhere you look, with red and black being the main colours of choice.

Comptoir Darna will have you feeling like you’re on a film set, it’s like being in a dark gothic, dreamy, candle lit Moroccan cave, with belly dancers flying around the place, sequin clad, Arabian vibes and music to match.

Musicians sit on the sides of the grand staircase playing musical instruments while you dine, before the dancers take over.

The entrance
The staff having photos taken before starting their shift

Here a just a few clips, it was hard to capture anything properly in the dark….

Lamb loin on a bed of couscous

Before going to Morocco I scoured a lot of reviews, read a lot of blogs and watched quite a few vlogs. Comptoir Darna kept cropping up and getting the thumbs up with recommendations from people who had been there for a Moroccan night out, so I put it on the list of things to feed into the itinerary.

The food was very nice, the service was 10 out of 10 and it didn’t break the bank either.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely yes, just to be mesmerised for one evening while you’re in town if for no other reason.

This is such a popular restaurant yet the holiday reps (from the UK) in my hotel had never heard of it….don’t rely on them for all your experiences (not all of them are value for money either), do your own research.

Tip: you need to reserve a table if you want to sit/eat in the restaurant – you can do it online.

Another tip: pick the early sitting if you want to get there before it fills up. The dancers came on at 10pm – anyone arriving around 11pm missed the performance.

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