A Quick Brew and a Quick Toast

A very quick brew and another ramble about nothing in particular.

Mine’s a blueberry and blackcurrant tea with another mince pie….nearly there now, just a few more to go. 🀭


This article about a man who was ‘left fuming’ about shallow mince pies being placed in ‘deep filled’ packaging by ASDA and not getting as much mince pie as he thought.

The deception. Terrible. Worthy of headline news indeed. Start a petition. We want justice for this mince pie eater. 🧐


Group of teenagers

Boy – to the rest of the group about films and actors/actresses I’ve never heard of and can’t recall: “She’s got nice lips and that’s about it”

Charming!! So that’s her only redeeming feature? No sparkling personality then? Whoever ‘she’ is. πŸ™„

The same boy (I think) to one of the girls: “hey don’t touch my shoes, my shoes cost more than your outfit”Β Β 

Meowwwww….. (they’re so dramatic these days).


On a random wall: excuse the blurry photo – the evening outdoor light wasn’t playing ball with the phone’s camera – I took it three times and each came out the same….probably had it on the wrong setting knowing me.

OK, I see where they’re coming from with this…ha ha, but does that really work both ways. It’s easy enough to take things in to make them smaller, but not so easy to make them bigger.

Humoured by

Pizza Express – I know it’s a bit late now but these napkins were a good festive effort.

On a separate note, I’m not being funny but their idea of a ‘thick’ crustΒ  pizza base could also do with a bit more dough!! πŸ•

Gave it a second thought

Because I don’t usually (give it a second thought)

But the other day, as I walked out of Holland and Barrett (shop) I mused at the the cashier asking me ‘if I’d like a receipt’Β  thinking – well if anyone stops me and accuses me of stealing, or the shop alarms go off as I leave the shop, can we be sure you’ll vouch for me and not have disappeared off on your break or deny all knowledge of ever seeing me in possession of the exact items now snuggly stuffed in my bag? πŸ€” I’m sure there’d be a matching record of the items on the till somewhere.

Hmmm, ‘yes I’ll have my receipt please’.

A Toast: Happy New Year πŸŽ†

Maybe you could add a little drop of something to your brew – one of those nice liqueurs perhaps, and raise your cup.

Wishing all my lovely readers a very healthy year ahead, filled with everything you need to achieve any goals you’ve set, and of course – may we all be showered with lots of fabulous blogging inspiration to keep the fingers typing and the blog posts flowing. πŸ₯‚πŸ˜˜πŸ™

I saw this on twitter somewhere – just sharing:

Train your body.

Sharpen your mind.

Make peace with your soul.

Pass on what you have learned.

Until our next quick cuppa – keep your tea/coffee cupboards well and truly stocked. β˜•οΈ

God bless x

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