Another Quick Cuppa?

Hello my lovelies, I think it’s time for another quick cuppa and a natter about recent random nothings. Mine’s a freshly squeezed lime with a mint teabag! 

With me, a ‘quick cuppa’ has a habit of going on for a lot longer than planned, but I’ll try to keep it quick 😏



Man on the phone: “so you want your nails to look nice while you’re counting other people’s money” 

Nice nails all the time I’d say. I’m guessing he was talking to someone who works in a bank. 💅🏼

One man to another on the tube: “I didn’t even know I had a back problem until I started going to the gym. I was hanging on this thing and my back started going ‘click, click, click’ and I thought ohhh, so I’ve got a back problem”

I’m sure many ailments have come to light by joining a gym!! We’ll probably hear more of this in the new year – or maybe the gym will get the blame and end up ditched before the end of January!! 🏋🏼‍♂️

One teacher to a group of others: “I ain’t got a scooby doo what’s going on so it’s not my fault if it all goes Pete Tong”

Never heard this scooby doo phrase before 🐶 😄

Woman talking to her son: “Daddy’s really bad at reading maps and knowing where he is, it’s like a blockage in his brain” 

Dad wasn’t there but his ears must have suffered first degree burns.

Mum was describing the streets to her son in great detail, checking he understood the term ‘perpendicular’ in terms of the way the streets in the area were laid out (the boy must have been about four years old). 🧠

Two women who used to work together, bumping into each other after a long time.

Woman 1: So what do you do now?

Woman 2: I’m a hypnotist now, I do it online from home or sometimes people come to the house for it.

Just curious, has anyone ever used a hypnotist, did it work? 🤔

Walking along a station platform.

Man: So what did it say?

Woman: It said antisocial social club.

(Interesting concept 🤔 perhaps its a club where everyone ignores each other or you’re expected to be deliberately hostile during any interaction 🙃).

Subjected to…

So I’m feeling all nice and relaxed on a quiet train, not plugged in for a change, just enjoying my own idle thoughts – then a woman sits behind me and immediately starts munching on something that sounds like she’s crunching marbles or rocks. 😳 I’m surprised she had any teeth left by the time she’d finished….what on earth was she eating?!!?!

The crunching only lasted around five minutes but was quickly followed by furious typing on her laptop. The joys of a train ride! 🙄 🚆


The autumn/winter carpet of colours in the garden, there is beauty everywhere! 

Autumn/winter colour


A bag stuffed with leeks on a London Underground tube seat.

Did anyone leave a bag of leeks on the Bakerloo line last week? 📢

There must have been at least ten fresh leeks in the bag, that’s a lot of leeks. I hope that didn’t mess up someone’s dinner party menu – there are some great recipes for leeks these days. 😊🥬


Fancy some bugs for lunch?

On the subject of food…..has anyone tried a cricket and feta taco then? 🦗 🦗 🦗

Spotted this in a station platform. Eating bugs – looks like its a ‘thing’ now! 🧐


No bugs involved here. My issue – these were mini glasses, not normal size flutes like you are led to believe you’ll get.

Bambini Bellini mocktail

They bring you two in the guise of a two for one offer, which – if poured into one glass, might look like something close to half a wine glass full. SMH Slug N Lettuce Brentwood. Probably just as well though, since it has fizzy lemonade in it – and I’m team still.

Nice enough, sweet, tangy, and not overly fizzy!  

With so many work Christmas dinners now cancelled, maybe the offers might improve….or just disappear for a while 🧐


Basically, a lot of meat – Lebanese for a change, very similar to Turkish food.😋 

A Lebanese dinner

Rebuked myself

For ordering a new office chair and then two arrived ( a week apart 🙄). I’m thinking maybe they made a mistake and sent me an extra one, but no. Upon checking my abyss of emails it seems I accidently put two in the quantity box. I’ll keep it, it will come in handy somewhere, not to mention the fact that I can’t be bothered to go through the agro of returning it. #selfslap 🤦🏽‍♀️

My new washing machine arrived the other day – good job I didn’t accidently order two of those. Can you imagaine 🙈! 


I haven’t been spending as much time reading or creating blog posts lately, life has been dragging me away to other priorities,🌪 but I do intend to get back into more of a routine again. I’ll probably have lots to catch up on in ‘reader’ 👀 so on that note, I might just have another quick cuppa!

Have a good week ahead 🤗 x

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  2. Liz Dexter

    I have had hypnotherapy, twice, once in person for a fear of needles (it worked pretty well) and once I bought a download of a recorded session to help with another phobia and it cured it! So I’m all for it, even though I went to my first session convinced I was the one person who couldn’t be hypnotised! Love all your overhearings, marvellous! We’ve had to buy a few things (fridge/freezer being the main one) but fortunately haven’t ordered two!

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