A Lebanese Lunch with a Splash of Colour

A Lebanese lunch is quite similar to a Turkish lunch. Similar flavours, meats and menus. Always very filling and good value for money.

This time it’s Comptoir Libanais (not Comptoir Darna, that was Morocco).

Escape the mundane and delve into a vibrant, colourful, quirky and cheerful retreat, with lots of bits for sale dotted around the restaurant for you to browse while you sit and eat!!

Plus, the staff are friendly and helpful too πŸ‘

The food was so filling, there was no room for dessert on this occasion, unfortunately – maybe next time….

A Lebanese lunch

Lebanon is one of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions 🍷 Source

A few more curious things to note about Lebanon: basketball is the most popular sport, the phoenix is the national bird and the striped hyena is the national animal πŸ€” Source

Enjoy your lunch today, whatever you’re having! πŸ˜‹x

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