Freebies with Fragrance


It may not always be the cheapest option but if you visit (in person) department stores like Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis etc before buying perfume….it gives you a chance to ask the sales assistants what free gifts there are/which are the best one’s/which one’s have free bags.. ……you catch my drift… oh and get some really nice up free samples too.

Note: unless part of a gift set, these freebies are not usually on display.  

I bought an ESCADA ‘Born In Paradise’ and the Debenhams Sales Assistant dug this bag out from the bottom of a very deep drawer!!! (Even though it is linked to a different ESCADA fragrance he was happy to let me have it).  

ESCADA is one of my favourites by the way! Each year they bring out the most fruity/tropical scents.

The bag:

It’s light-weight, feels like quilted soft leather, gold and pink with an inside zip….would be great on holiday I think…even if just for stashing toiletries or hair accessories.

Note: Debenhams do a loyalty card for beauty and fragrances….I got one last time I was in there but haven’t registered it yet..will do 🙂 



Testers plus Gucci 2014 Christmas bauble…..I think the idea is that I now need to buy Gucci perfume every Christmas to collect a set of baubles as one on its own doesn’t really do much for a tree 🙂

Whenever you buy perfume, always ask for testers, they are fantastic whilst on holiday or away for the weekend – you don’t want to wear the same perfume all day every day, but you don’t want to weigh your luggage down with 10 bottles of perfume either!!


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