Freebies with Fragrance


If you visit (in person) department stores like Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis etc you have the added advantage of getting your hands on lots of testers  – free of charge. You can work the floor and ask all the sales assistants for testers and enquire about which fragrances are currently offering a free gift – like bags.

Note: unless you’re buying a packages gift set, these extra freebies are not normally on display.

The last time I bought an ESCADA ‘Born in Paradise’ fragrance, the Debenhams sales assistant dug out this nice little bag from the bottom of a very deep draw!! The bag was actually linked to another ESCADA fragrance, but she let me have it anyway. I didn’t ask for this – so I felt like I’d struck lucky that day and have walked out of stores with other free bags since, when buying perfumes.

The bag is lightweight and feels like quilted soft leather – it’s strong and useful, great for storage, not to mention vibrant in gold and pink.

Not that I have any special allegiance to Debenhams, but they also do a beauty points card…you probably need to benefit from it!



Whenever you buy perfume, always ask for testers, they are fantastic whilst on holiday or away for the weekend – you don’t want to wear the same perfume all day every day, but you don’t want to weigh your luggage down with 10 bottles of perfume either!!

We all love a freebie – so do comment below about any beauty freebies you’ve managed to get your hands on and any tips on how to go about getting them……

54 thoughts on “Freebies with Fragrance

  1. Lauren Stebbings

    I’ve often got samples from magazines or when I’ve bought things from companies like Avon. It’s always good to have a look for beauty counter offers. Usually there’s promotions on for the first X amount of people to go will get a free product. Lots of benefit make up samples. Freebie sites can be good to check. I’ve received decent sized samples like mac primer or flower bomb and bon bon perfumes.

  2. tollefsentammy@gmail (@tollefsentammy6)

    Hi Cheryl! I always go on Magic Freebies website and they send me new perfumes (samples) and aftershaves, which is great. I also go on Loquax and have been a member on that site for over 20 years! I love it, such a great site. I have won many things on there, but not so many beauty things, mainly holidays abroad and only just very recently a £100 gift card for Waitrose, which I can also use in John Lewis and will be hoping to get some beauty/fragrance stuff from that! I’ve been a very lucky girl, but its like a second job, with the hours I put in! xx

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