Coconut Oil 38 Thrifty Uses


Pictures: Virgin Coconut Oil (Bought from Holland & Barratt, buy one get one half price)

Since I started using coconut oil I haven’t  looked back – it’s a great all-rounder, making it very good value for money.

The number of things it can do seems endless, but here are a few to get you thinking:

Removes stubborn make up

Conditions and strengthens hair, aids hair growth

Scalp moisturiser and treats dandruff

Body moisturiser

Deodorises skin

Ink remover

Lubricates door hinges

Treats cuts/soars inside the mouth

Breath freshener

Healthier cooking oil – no hydrogenated fats (fry, roast, bake)

Lighter alternative to butter (great for baking)

Aids digestion

Rub into cuticles  – strengthens nails

Makes a great massage oil

Removes rust


Relief from food poisoning

Shaving legs (I still prefer a soapy lather)

Softens cuticles

Helps to clean teeth, whitening properties

Can act as an insect repellent

Improves blood flow

Nappy rash treatment

Heartburn relief

Holds antibacterial, antioxident and anti inflammatory properties (great for cuts, rash, itching, bites, stings  etc)

Under eye wrinkle reduction

Reduces frizz on hair

Softens bath water

Contains lauric acid – which boosts the immune system – also found in breast milk

Prevents stretch marks

Fights cold sores

Helps rid dogs from fleas

Polishes wood and metal

Polishes shoes (leather)

Treats/prevents head lice

Treats constipation (take a table spoon each morning on an empty stomach until relieved)

Eases arthritis

Eases a dry throat




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