Quick Pizza? Not So Fast.

It may be known as fast food but pizza actually takes up a heck of a lot of your time to make from scratch.

By the time you make the dough, knead it, leave it to sit and double in size (approx 45 mins), come back and roll it out, chop/prepare all your toppings, dress the pizza, place in the oven and then clean up – you could be looking at up to two hours. Yep!

I should add, that cleaning up work tops after the mess of kneading dough with yeast and water can be quite an ordeal (better to do it in a big bowl to start with).

Perhaps pizza isn’t the best choice of ‘home cooked cuisine’ if you have guests around while you’re preparing the food, not the most dignified image for your kitchen.

There are plenty of pizza recipes online if you’re feeling the urge to have a go, but just be sure to give yourself plenty of time…..

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