Just sharing a few of tonight’s random thoughts. Writing it down and reading it back really got me thinking and re-affirming a few things I want to do more. You persist Because it’s worth it You invest Because the harvest will be plentiful You try Because otherwise you’ll never know ‘if’ You don’t feel guilty […]

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When I stop and think of how much of our lives we spend ‘waiting’ ‘anticipating’ and ‘enduring’ until….. it hit home just how much weight we carry because of this. The scales are tipped heavily toward the ‘until’ rather than the ‘now’. Until Friday Until payday Until that holiday Until Christmas Until the sales Until […]

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Not A Morning Person? A Few Morning Tips To Get You Out of The House Quicker

Getting Up If you struggle getting up in the morning you might need a new sleep/diet/exercise routine…..maybe. Try to get a good night’s sleep, even if it means gong to bed earlier and developing a new evening wind down routine. That aside, leave your alarm somewhere that is not within arms reach of your bed, […]

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